Registration Instructions 2018

Authorized to input players for registration:

Team Captains

Kyle Blackburn-Beaver Brook

Rob Cameron-Fox Den and Tennessee Club and Academy

Sherri Coleman-Knoxville Racquet Club

Trudy Evans-Cherokee Country Club

Belinda Ford-Interclub Committee

Greg Gil-Webb

Elizabeth Henderson=Pennisula Club

Laurie Jones-Interclub Committee

Kim Kazmier-Interclub Committee

Deborah Oxendine-Green Meadow Country Club

Sue Pappas-West Hills

Cyndi Thompson-Cedar Bluff Racquet Club

Mary Watkins-Ft Sanders Health and Fitness

After signing in to (you will need your email address and password- call Belinda if you have trouble logging in) go to the team you want to add players to and click on manage roster. Then follow directions to search for player names (last name, then first name) and add them to roster. You can add multiple names and then check out and pay the league fee ($13) with a credit card to register players. Please be sure to pay for your players or their matches will be defaulted. They must also pay their GKTA dues of $16 before they play their first match of they will be defaulted.

Also remember that subs can be added to the roster, but they need to be added 24 hours before the match and you need to contact Belinda 48 hours before the match in order to keep from having to pay the $13 League Fee again to put them on a second roster. It works best if you add a few subs at the beginning of the year and just have them on the roster as subs in case you need them. Then there is not a mad dash to get a sub added right before the match. Remember, a sub is a player that plays at a lower level at your club and has paid her league fee and GKTA dues, not someone that doesn't want to play full time.

If you want your players to register themselves please contact Belinda Ford (contact info below) and she will assist you.

Belinda Ford

865-466-4630 cell

865-675-5162 home email address

Last change: 04/13/18

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