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Tennis for Adults 10 Indoor | 4 Outdoor | Since 1981


See below of the full selection of clinic offerings. All clinics are offered as aone-hour weekly 4x/monthly series unless otherwise noted. Space is limited so sign-up early; $88/member (5-6 players max); or $108/member (3-4 players min); $30/drop-in space permitting.

Enroll anytime, space permitting. Register at the Tennis Desk, x507.

²Liveball - Men & Women, 3.5-4.5 – Fridays, 6pm

William O’Shea, CSP Tennis Professional

Discover why Liveball is one of the most popular group games out there!

Dynamic, fast-paced game play, competitive points, mental and physical challenge, perfect transition to round robin drop-in.

(6-8 players required)

² Transitional Doubles 3.5-4.5 – Wednesdays, 10am

William O’Shea, CSP Tennis Professional

Be on your way to becoming a doubles guru by utilizing court positioning, team formations, and communication to become in sync with your partner.

This one-hour weekly series will introduce:

  • Optimal Court Positioning
  • Distortions
  • Technical Review
  • Signal Calling and Covering
  • Intangibles and much more!

² Strokes & Strategies Clinic 3.0+ - Wednesdays, 10am

Marc Moran, Director of Tennis, USPTA Elite Professional

This dynamic clinic is the perfect warm-up for drop-in play. Tap into Marc’s 30+ years of coaching experience and extensive knowledge of stroke production. Focus on a single stroke technique each week in multiple playing situations with drills and feeds from different positions. Mental toughness games are used to accentuate development. Extensive use of kinesthetic and visual aids.

² Intro to Tennis Perfect for Beginners & Those Returning To Tennis!

Tues, 6pm William O’Shea, CSP Tennis Professional

Wed, 11am or 6pm Adam Bottorff, USPTA Elite Professional

This a fantastic way to learn tennis, or return to the game after an extended absence. Our experienced teaching professionals will help you learn everything you need to start off your tennis journey in the best way possible. Monthly 8x series.

• Open to all Pleasanton members! One-hour clinics focus on key fundamental

Strokeproduction, footwork, using the body as a unit, timing and vision.

• Clinics 1x weekly – Week #1: Net Game, Week #2: Ground Strokes,Week #3:

Serving & Returning, Week #4: All-Shot Practice & Tactics.

• Practices 1x weekly – Coached ball-machine practices 1x weekly will help to

reinforce your tennis learning.

• For optimal learning complete this entry-level series twice, then move

to the next level with our 4x monthly series, “Beyond Intro to Tennis”.

• After two completions of each level, you may then qualify for pro-approved

participation in our complimentary drop-in tennis program offered 4x weekly.

FEE: One hour, 8x monthly: $176/member for 5-6 participants; $192/member for 3-4

participants (min). No drop-ins, cancellations, or refunds for missed sessions.

² Beyond Intro To Tennis Progress Your Fun Through Skillfull Tennis!

Tues, 7pm William O’Shea, CSP Tennis Professional

Wed, 7pm Adam Bottorff, USPTA Elite Professional

Monthly 4x series enhances what you learned in Intro to Tennis, expands your current knowledge, works on the latest techniques, tactics, and expanded elements of tennis.Your instruction is from certified professionals who pursue continuing education to ensure you are

getting the best and latest information to help you improve and have fun.

• Our teaching pros will introduce you to varied footwork pattern, advanced stroke

production, key singles and doubles tactics, and mental games strategies.

• Each lesson zeros in on a specific skill, works it in a drill, then adds a live-ball game for the thrill of experiencing execution and improvement.

FEE: One hour weekly, 4x monthly: $88/member (5-6 players); $108/member (3-4

players min). No drop-ins, cancellations, or refunds for missed sessions.

DROP-IN ROUND ROBIN TENNIS – Play Socially | Have Fun | Meet More Players!

MON, 9am-12pm; WED, 11am-1pm; THU & FRI, 7-10pm

·Open to all adult tennis members at NTRP level 3.0 or higher.

·The longest standing and largest complimentary drop-in program in the Bay Area!

·Due to the popularity of drop-in, no guests or non-tennis members are allowed.

·All players must register with the drop-in coordinator and sign-in legibly.


Inquire at the Tennis Desk.

INFORMATION & REGISTRATION - Contact The Tennis Desk At (925) 463-2822, X507

Last update: 08/31/17

Tennis for Juniors 10 Indoor | 4 Outdoor | Since 1981

JUNIOR TENNIS COLLEGE (JTC) – It’s More Fun to Play Tennis Skillfully!

  • Include dynamic warm-ups, key motor skill development, locomotion and modern footwork

patterns, tennis skill learning and drills, plus use of the skill in theory and game situations.

Kinesthetic aids used extensively.

  • Our exclusive Dartfish Olympic-grade digital video system allows us to show clips of professional

players then film students and compare the clips with the pro. This bolsters visual learning by

seeing, doing, and then seeing again.

  • Progress monitored in 5-week segments using the GRIPS online and on-court testing system. Skill development, stroke mastery, movement, mental game and sport knowledge is measured. A

20-level progression awards players a color-coded racket grip based on current skill level.

  • No cancellations/refunds. One missed class will be allowed for every two 4x otherwise no

refunds or prorates for missed classes,

Five Progression-Based Levels

1. Copper JTC – AGES 5-8 (elementary-school beginner to intermediate)
TIMES: Choose Sun 10am or 11am; Mon 4pm or 5pm

FEE*:$96/tennis member, $116/fitness member

2. Bronze JTC – AGES 8-12 (elementary-school, intermediate to advanced beginner)
TIMES: Choose Tue or Thu, 3:30-5pm; Plus supervised 45-min match-play on Sun, 12pm

FEE*:$148/tennis member, $168/fitness member

3. Silver JTC – AGES 10-14(elementary-school advanced to middle-school intermediate)
TIMES: Choose Wed or Fri, 3:30-5pm; Plus 60-min organized match-play Tue, 4pm.

FEE*: $148/tennis member, $168/fitness member

4. Gold JTC AGES 12-16 (upper middle-school advanced to high-school intermediate)
TIMES: Choose Wed or Fri, 3:30-5pm; Plus 60-min organized match-play Tue, 4pm

FEE*: $148/tennis member, $168/fitness member

5. Platinum Academy AGE-APPROPRIATE BY INVITATION ONLY (tennis members with Sectional/ National ranking orhigh-school varsity players; all must pass the Platinum Academy criteria).

TIMES: Fitness - Mon: 4-5pm & Clinic: Wed, 5-6:30pm or Sat: 1-2:30pm

FEE*: $172/tennis member, $195/fitness member

*NOTE: JTC fees based on 1x weekly/4x monthly, prorated as needed for 3- or 5-week month. 2x weekly earns

a 5% discount and is encouraged for more immersive/concentrated learning.


JTC PLAY & PRACTICE EXTRAS! - Complimentary with JTC!

Bronze - Play Day & Skill Building (AGES 7-12)Sun, 12:00-12:45pm

· Improve your athletic skills, running, catching and throwing in this weekly 45-min session

· Learn how to play points, call lines, and tennis etiquette

· Supervised by a Platinum Academy player

· Must be current Bronze JTC player and pro-approved.

Silver/Gold – After-School Match Play (AGES 10-16)– Tue, 4pm

· Begins Sep 6, Registration opens Aug 16

· Weekly round robin format organized by the tennis desk, balls are provided.

· End-of-season awards for participation and games won.

· Must be current Silver/Gold JTC player.


Inquire at the tennis desk!


Last update: 08/31/17


11/27/20-11/27/20 Contact Club

2018 Men's & Women's Singles Box League


Adult Captains

01/01/10-03/03/20 Contact Club

Fall Captains

07/28/10-07/28/20 Contact Club

Men's 4.5 list

12/02/10-12/02/20 Contact Club

Combo Captains

06/03/09-01/01/20 Contact Club

Mixed Captains

12/18/09-12/12/20 Contact Club

Senior Captains

08/28/09-12/20/20 Contact Club

2018 CCSL Women's A1

01/02/18 - 05/04/18

2018 Contra Costa Spring League

Teams: 1
Players: 16
Play starts 1/2

2018 CCSL Women's A2

01/02/18 - 05/04/18

2018 Contra Costa Spring League

Teams: 1
Players: 18
Play starts 1/2

2018 CCSL Women's B3

01/02/18 - 05/04/18

2018 Contra Costa Spring League

Teams: 1
Players: 23
Play starts 1/2

2017 BALL Singles

09/03/17 - 04/20/18

2017 BALL League

Teams: 1
Players: 13

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