Please join the league if you are committed to scheduling and playing 5-8 matches. Rules of Tennis and the Code for unofficiated Matches apply.

Players must be age 18 or over in the calendar year.


Flex League results do not affect NTRP ratings. Players with current NTRP Ratings in Tennis Link must use that rating. They may play no more than 0.5 above their rating level and may not play below their level. Players without ratings must self-rate according to the NTRP guidelines. Flex League does not accept NTRP related grievances. Players are expected to exercise the highest level of integrity while competing in this program.

Match Scoring

A round robin format is used with one match assigned per week. One to two additional weeks are included at the end of the season to make up missed matches. Scoring format is best 2 of 3 sets with a 10-point match tiebreaker played in lieu of a third set and scored as 1-0. If both players agree, the third set may be played out, but will still be scored as 1-0.


Our website offers an Availability page where players can notify their opponents where and when they prefer to play. Please be flexible with a variety of available days/times.

Flex League uses 'play by' dates to encourage players to schedule weekly matches. Matches can be played at any time*, in any order, as long as they are completed by the season deadline. *Daytime only flights must play matches on weekdays (M-F) between the hours of 9am and 3pm, unless otherwise agree on by players.

Both home player and visiting player are responsible for making contact to schedule matches. It’s recommended that one contact all opponents at the beginning of the season but no later than one week prior to suggested play date to start the scheduling dialog. Some player’s schedules are more compatible than others. Schedule and play the most convenient matches first.

Player(s) listed as “home' should provide new balls, reserve the courts for their home matches and expect that the “away” player travels to them. The “home” player can offer to travel to the “away” players location if he/she chooses. The date, time and location of the match must be agreed upon by all players.

If a match is rained out, it should be rescheduled and completed as soon as possible.


USTA NorCal offers a court finder service on our website. Visit the courts you’re planning to use in advance for lights, condition, parking, time restrictions, etc. Communicate this to your opponents. Reserve courts for a sufficient amount of time to finish a match. Rescheduling an unfinished match can be difficult, especially for the visitor.

Your club/facility may have guest fees that apply to your opponent. If your club/facility does not waive fees for Flex matches, the fee is your responsibility.

Flight Winners Gifts

Flight winners will be determined by the standings on the last day of the season. Players must play over 50% of their scheduled matches or a minimum of 4 matches to receive a winners gift. In the event of a tie, head to head competition will determine the winner followed by % of sets won and then % of games won.


Within 24 hours of the agreed match time, the player unable to play will default the match unless the player receiving the default prefers to reschedule the match.

It is the home player's responsibility to ensure that the court is playable prior to the scheduled match time. If the visiting player arrives and the court is not playable, the visiting player may take a default or ask to reschedule the match at their court.

If a player does not arrive within 15 minutes of the scheduled time, that player will default the match unless the opponent agrees to extend the time or reschedule the match. Defaults can greatly impact standings in many ways but are sometimes unavoidable. Defaults will be scored as a 6-0, 6-0 win for the player receiving the default. Excessive defaults by players who do not withdraw will be monitored for future seasons.

If you are unable to make contact with your opponent after 3 tries (twice via email and once by phone) 1. Report the incident and 2. Take a default win. If your opponent communicates after you’ve taken steps 1 and 2 that she would like to play, it is your choice to reinstate the match. Contact to reset the match. After three reports that a player is non-responsive, player will be contacted, matches scored as defaults, and player suspended from playing the next season.

Player should make contact no later than one week before the posted date to schedule within that week or to postpone the match.

Withdrawing from the League

In the event that a player must withdraw from the league prior to completing the schedule, he/she should notify the administrator and her/his opponents.

If a player withdraws prior to playing a match, all of his/her matches will simply be deleted. If a player withdraws in the flight after playing a match, all players in the group will receive a 6-0,6-0 win against the withdrawing player. This rule attempts to give credit to players who have already played a withdrawing player without penalizing those players who did not play the withdrawing player. The administrator will attempt to replace a player who withdraws with a substitute for the remainder of the season. No refunds will be issued once schedules have been posted.

Sportsmanship Policy

All players participating in Flex League, as a condition of said participation, agree to abide by and be bound by the “The Code”: a Players’ Guide to Fair Play and Sportsmanship. Tennis is a game of courtesy and honor. We expect the highest level of sportsmanship on and off the court. Players who repeatedly hinder the enjoyment of the game will be warned then suspended from the league.

Please report unsportsmanlike conduct to as soon as possible. First offenses will receive an email notification and warning, a second report of an offense will result in suspension from the current season and the one following. No refunds will be offered.

What constitutes an offense will be deliberated on a case- by-case basis and at the sole discretion of the Flex League administrator. Players who return after suspension are subject to a no-tolerance policy. Any further complaints on such players are grounds for permanent suspension from the league.

Last change: 08/08/19

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