How do I record the score for the Third Set?
A full third set is not played unless both parties agree. Instead, a 10 point tie break is the default format. Scoring is always 1-0, one going to the winner and zero going to the loser, regardless of whether a tie break or a full third set was played.

How do I schedule matches?
Be sure to fill out your Player Availability on your Profile and keep it current throughout the season. This lets your opponents know when you prefer to play but please be prepared with a variety of times that you can play.

Contact all of your opponents early in the season to get a match date on your calendars. Don't wait for them to contact you and don't wait until the week of your match.

Use the Comment Box in Player Availability to give your opponents added information such as dates you'll be out of town, best playing days/times, alternate facilities, directions, etc. If you're using a court for the first time, check it out in advance for availability, lights, parking, fees, water, rest room and alert your opponent.

What should I do if I can’t reach an opponent?
Communication is the most important aspect of Flex League. Acknowledge your opponent’s calls or emails even if you're unavailable to play. If you're leaving town, let your scheduled opponents know that you'll contact them when you return.

Our philosophy is to emphasize playing the match whenever possible. This is why we give the whole season to play all of the scheduled matches and at least one extra week at the end to complete your schedule. However, things happen and sometimes opponents seem to be unreachable or unavailable. Keep a “log” of emails or phone calls made in case this match doesn’t get played. If one player attempts contact and the other player does not, the administrator may give the player who made the attempts to play the default over the player who did not. There is also an option to record a double default where the match did not get played and neither player attempted adequate contact.

In round robin play, we score withdrawing players as 6-0, 6-0 wins for all other players in the flight since some may have already played the player and others have not. This rule attempts to give credit to players who have already played a withdrawing player without penalizing those players who did not play the withdrawing player.

You may also leave a match on your schedule unplayed.

Can I play in more than one level?
You can play 0.5 above your rating. We monitor feedback and hope that we see a high level of enjoyment and good competition. Many players are between two NTRP levels and can offer a great match at either level. We do not allow players to play below their current NTRP rating and do ask players to remember the need for integrity in placing themselves in this program.

Can I play in more than one area such as San Francisco and South Bay?
Yes. The league assumes that the individual has the best idea of whether he/she has enough availability for multiple flights within the same season. The player must be willing to play his/her matches within each of the league boundaries.

Last change: 11/15/19

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