How do I find my schedule and schedule the matches?

On the Flex League site you will need to be logged in. Once you are on your player profile page, at the top of the page you will see Scheduled Matches. Click on this tab and you will see your matches listed in order by week. This is a suggested schedule to help you plan your matches. They are all listed by week with the date being the Monday of that week. You can contact your opponents whether you are the home or away team that week. Once you schedule your home matches you can click on the plus sign to change the match date. The away matches have to be entered by the opponent.

How do I find the contact list and email the opponents?

Go to your profile page. You will see the competitions/ Programs you are registered for. Click on the league you want to contact. This will take you to the standings page. At the top you will see a tab third from the left that says Contact List. This will give you the individual contact information for the players in your league. You can also click on Send Email and select the individual player. If you do this however you will not have a record of when the email was sent or who you sent it to.

Suggestions for scheduling matches:

Be sure to fill out your Player Availability on your Profile and keep it current throughout the season. This lets your opponents know when you prefer to play but please be prepared with a variety of times that you can play.

Contact all of your opponents early in the season to get a match date on your calendars. Don't wait for them to contact you and don't wait until the week of your match.

Use the Comment Box in Player Availability to give your opponents added information such as dates you'll be out of town, best playing days/times, alternate facilities, directions, etc. If you're using a court for the first time, check it out in advance for availability, lights, parking, fees, water, rest room and alert your opponent.

Last change: 05/19/17

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