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OrganizationLeagueStart and end dateStatusRegister Close Date
American Tennis Latino Assoc. (ATLAA) Tri-Level Winter League1/4/2015 thru 4/8/2015Playing 2015.03.30
Arlington County Tennis Association ACTA Spring League 20153/29/2015 thru 6/21/2015Registering 2015.03.15
  ACTA Winter League 20151/11/2015 thru 3/29/2015Playing 2015.03.29
Bay Area Ladies League 2014 BALL League9/8/2014 thru 4/24/2015Playing 2015.04.24
Bay Area Tennis Association BATA 2015 Ladies' Day League5/26/2015 thru 8/1/2015Registering 2015.05.15
  BATA 2015 Spring League3/23/2015 thru 6/1/2015Registering 2015.04.01
  BATA 2015 Winter Mixed1/11/2015 thru 4/30/2015Playing 2015.04.30
Bonita League 2015 Bonita Winter League1/12/2015 thru 3/23/2015Playing 2015.03.07
Central Valley Tennis League 2014 CVTL League Season9/9/2014 thru 5/15/2015Playing 2014.07.17
Contra Costa Spring League 2015 Contra Costa Spring League1/5/2015 thru 5/8/2015Playing 2015.05.08
CTA League (Collier County) 2015 CTA Winter League1/12/2015 thru 3/23/2015Playing 2015.03.07
Desert Cactus Tennis League 2015 Desert Cactus1/14/2015 thru 3/25/2015Playing 2015.03.25
Hill & Dale Tennis 2015 Hills & Dale Winter Season1/5/2015 thru 6/1/2015Playing 2015.05.11
ITL - 3M ITL 2014-2015 Winter Season9/24/2014 thru 4/30/2015Playing 2015.04.30
Monterey Bay Ladies League 2014 MBL C Fall Season9/17/2014 thru 5/8/2015Playing 2015.05.08
  2014 MBL A Fall Season9/15/2014 thru 3/2/2015Finished 2014.08.31
  2014 MBL B Fall Season9/9/2014 thru 4/28/2015Playing 2015.04.01
Palm Tennis - Day Leagues Ladies Spring 20153/25/2015 thru 6/12/2015Registering 2015.06.12
  Fall 2014 Season9/26/2014 thru 5/31/2015Playing 2015.05.31
Palm Tennis - Night League Night League Winter/Spring 20152/10/2015 thru 6/4/2015Playing 2015.06.04
  Night League Fall/Winter 20149/30/2014 thru 5/20/2015Playing 2015.05.20
Palm Tennis - Singles League Season XV10/13/2014 thru 5/31/2015Playing 2015.05.31
Palm Tennis Men's Leagues Men 2014/201510/9/2014 thru 3/30/2015Playing 2015.03.30
Palm Tennis Mixed Doubles Mixed Doubles League Fall/Winter 201410/5/2014 thru 5/17/2015Playing 2015.05.17
Palm Tennis Partners Season IX 2014-20159/3/2014 thru 4/30/2015Playing 2015.04.30
Palm Tennis Women’s Tennis League Fall 2014 Season9/18/2014 thru 5/15/2015Playing 2015.05.15
River City Racquet League 2014 RCRL Season7/1/2014 thru 6/17/2015Playing 2015.05.01
Sacramento Area Tennis Association SATA Spring 2015 Interclub Season2/28/2015 thru 5/31/2015Playing 2015.05.31
  SATA Winter 2015 Interclub Season1/3/2015 thru 3/1/2015Finished 2015.02.28
San Antonio Professional Tennis Association SAPTA 2015 Women's Doubles League2/18/2015 thru 5/27/2015Playing 2015.05.20
Santa Cruz Interclub Santa Cruz Women 2014 League9/1/2014 thru 4/30/2015Playing 2015.04.30
Savannah Tennis League 2015 Savannah Spring League2/19/2015 thru 4/30/2015Playing 2015.02.11
Slidell Independent Tennis League 2014 Slidell Winter League12/13/2014 thru 3/31/2015Playing 2015.02.01
Sun Coast 'A' Tennis (SCAT) SCAT Fall League 201410/15/2014 thru 4/8/2015Playing 2014.09.14
Tri-County Women's Tennis Association 2014 TCWTA League10/20/2014 thru 3/20/2015Playing 2000.01.01
Virginia Tennis Association Richmond Spring Commonwealth League3/1/2015 thru 5/30/2015Playing 2015.05.30
  2015 HCATL Winter Doubles League1/6/2015 thru 3/15/2015Playing 2015.03.15

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