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2015 East Texas USPTA Fall League!
League Information
The East Texas USPTA adult league is open for all players ages 18 & above as of the end of 2015. Players do not have to be a member of the USTA or USPTA to participate. Teams consist of a minimum of 6 players eligible to compete at the team’s level of play. NEW FOR 2015.......Players may play by their January 2015 published rating or their most recent published rating as of August 20, 2015. Any player who was dq'd at anytime after January 2015 ratings were published then he/she must play at that higher rating unless their July early season rating is lowered. If a player already has a self rating from earlier leagues and no published rating then that rating must be used. Players with no rating may join any team he/she feels he/she is eligible for. Self rated players are subject to review and disqualification at anytime by USPTA pros.

Team Registration will be used for all USPTA team registrations. All players should login to and create a free account. When you fill out your free account information PLEASE be sure and fill out all information requested so we can contact you with schedule changes and league updates. All players must pay the $20 player fee during registration with a credit or debit card. When you register please be sure and write down your user ID and password. Duplicate accounts can cause problems with team scores so please don’t create two accounts. After you register you should see your name on the team roster within a few hours.

To Captain a Team:

If you will be captaining a team go to and once you create your account if you don't already have one click on the level of play link (not the red sign up button) where you would like to enter your team. Next click on the “New Team” button and follow the instructions. If your home court facility is not found please email Jim at and we will add your facility before you can complete the team registration process. Most East Texas area clubs and schools should already be in the database. The name of your team will be created from this information & will be displayed as Level-Last Name-Courts (3.5 Smith-Hollytree). Once you have created your team follow the steps below to “join” the team. Forming your team and selecting yourself as a captain does not register you to “play” on that team but only to captain it. If you’re going to be a player you will need to “join the team” after creating the team. If you are only captaining the team and not playing on the team you do not need to "join" the team after registering to be the captain.

To Join a Team:

Go to and create a free account if you don't already have one. Click on forgot user ID and/or password if you have an account but forgot your login information. Please do not create another account or your scores and matches will not be recorded properly. Please be sure and fill out all requested information so you can be contacted with league updates, schedules, scores, etc. Once you have created an account click on the red “Sign Up” button next to the division you would like to enter and select your captains name. Once you pay the $20 league fee you will be listed on the roster! There are no additional fees for the online registration. Follow these same steps if you would like to join another team at a different level of play. Refunds cannot be given but we will have the ability to move players from one team to another if necessary prior to the September 5 player add deadline.

League Details:

League format will be two lines of doubles play each week – Line #1 worth 5 points and Line #2 worth 3 points for the win

Match starting times will be scheduled between 6:00 and 8:30 p.m

Anyone with permission to reserve two lighted outdoor courts for the length of the season may form his/her own team

The length of each league season will be based on the number of teams entered

Divisions with large number of teams may be divided into two leagues with a playoff at the end

Teams may have a few matches scheduled on days other than normal day of play

Winning teams will advance to the USTPA Indoor State Championships in Houston January 15-17, 2016

Players must play at least two regular season local league matches (and at least one playoff match if applicable) to advance to state championships. NEW for 2015.....If a team is scheduled to play 9 or more matches then a player must play in at least (3) regular season matches + a playoff match if applicable in order to advance to the state championships. Defaults do not count as a match played.

All matches will be 2 out of 3 tie-break sets with a 10-point super tiebreak for split set matches

NEW for 2015.....Players may play by their January 2015 rating OR their early season 2015 rating published in July 2015. Appeals honored by the USTA prior to August 20 will apply for this league.

Home team is responsible for providing new balls for each home match

For larger schedules mandatory rain make up dates will be listed. Teams may agree to an earlier date but not a later date. Please try to make up your rain outs as soon as possible!

Teams will receive 5 points for winning line #1 and 3 for line #2. If one line must be defaulted the defaulting team may choose which line it will be. It is out of courtesy that the defaulting team notify the opponents about the default but it is not mandatory.

Players are permitted to play on as many teams as desired but only one team per level. Playing on two teams is not a reason to call your opponent and try to reschedule a team match even if both matches happen to be scheduled for the same time. If a team defaults both lines in a given match the team will receive a -4 for their score.

All grievances should be emailed to coordinator within 24 hours. The local grievance committee will consist of (3) local USPTA pros. Please send emails to league coordinator:

All captains must have a minimum of 6 players registered by Tuesday, July 28. Fees prior to July 28 are $20 per player. There is no additional online registration fee. The league coordinator will have the ability to move players to other teams by request but no refunds will be given.

League Play Begins:

Women 3.0 & 4.0 most matches on Mondays beginning August 24 (3.0 & 4.0 will not play Monday Sept 7 (Labor Day) but will play a different day that week)

Men 3.0 & 4.0 most matches on Tuesdays beginning August 25

Men 3.5 & 4.5 and Women *2.5 most matches on Wednesdays beginning August 26

Women 3.5 & 4.5 most matches on Thursdays beginning August 27

*Women 2.5 will be a local league only. Winner will not advance to State Championships.

Roster Deadline: Tuesday, July 28 (teams must have 6 players listed)

Last Date to add players (more than the original 6 required to be on roster): Saturday, Sept. 5

Please call Jim or Tammy in the Hollytree Tennis Shop for more information or for help registering yourself or your team.

Jim Sciarro

USPTA League Coordinator

903.581.7788 or Revised 5/12/15

Division Standings

Team info Matches Individual Matches Individual Sets Individual Games
Points Wins Losses Ties Wins Losses Wins Losses Wins Losses

The Cascades-Ivy- Cascades

Dee Ann Ivy

51 6 2 0 13 3 29 6 189 71

Longview High School-Forrest

Crissy A Forrest

50 7 1 0 12 4 27 9 174 97

Willow Brook CC-Love All Around!

Jill Phelps

49 5 3 0 13 3 27 11 171 117

Longview High School-Whaley

Teresea Whaley

37 5 3 0 9 7 19 16 137 110

Hollytree - Kikuchi

Taisuke Kikuchi

35 4 4 0 9 7 20 17 140 127

Hollytree - Hunt

Robin Hunt

34 5 3 0 8 8 17 19 134 153

Faulkner Park-Tyer W3.00A

Debra Thomasson

16 2 6 0 4 12 9 26 87 164

Athens Country Club-Warnock

Christy Warnock

8 1 7 0 2 14 6 28 83 174

Willow Brook Country Club-Willowbrook Moore

Allison S Moore

8 1 7 0 2 14 6 28 85 187

Division standings

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