Holly Lake Ranch-Holly Lakers (Newill) vs Longview High School (Mickleboro/Wilcox)
October 3, 2018 07:00pm

Confirmed Status: Waiting

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Updated:10/4/2018 5:53:11 AM, Al Newill


  Holly Lake Ranch-Holly Lakers (Newill) Longview High School (Mickleboro/Wilcox) Winning
1MD Jon Keller
Greg Demko
Travis Wilcox
Dan Utpadel
6-1,6-2 Longview High School (Mickleboro/Wilcox)
2MD Chris Dolton
Andrew J Hasty
Clyde Parker
Dustin Eberhart
6-1,6-0 Longview High School (Mickleboro/Wilcox)

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