2011 CCSL Women's C

ClubSport Valley Vista-C CCSL vs Rancho Colorados S&T-C CCSL
Match Score Card on April 26, 2011 Tuesday

Confirmed Status: Confirmed

Entered by Kim Siegel Confirmed by Laura K Haller

Updated:4/26/2011 1:29:36 PM, Kim Siegel

Match Stats:


  ClubSport Valley Vista-C CCSL Rancho Colorados S&T-C CCSL Winning
1WD Kristen McNulty
Yana Bazulina
Stephanie G Snyder
Laura Thibault
6-1,6-2 ClubSport Valley Vista-C CCSL
2WD Jenna James
Laura K Haller
Kim Siegel
Sarah Chang
4-6,6-2,6-4 Rancho Colorados S&T-C CCSL
3WD Priya Mistry
Julie H Barnato
Wendy Finegold
Julie W Bishop
6-7,6-1,6-3 Rancho Colorados S&T-C CCSL
5WD Oanh Hawkins
Andrea A Rose
Ashley McLin
Barbara Bocks
6-7,6-2,6-1 Rancho Colorados S&T-C CCSL

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