Southgate Park vs Natomas
Match Score Card on October 9, 2011 08:30am

Confirmed Status: Confirmed

Entered by Paul Mewton Confirmed by George Smith

Updated:10/9/2011 7:12:34 PM, Paul Mewton

Match Stats:

Teams Individual Matches Won
Southgate Park 9
Natomas 0


  Southgate Park Natomas Winning
1MS Ed Ratana Matthew Mentch 6-0,6-1 Southgate Park
2MS Jin Park Sam Fong 6-0,6-4 Southgate Park
3MS Doug Silva Ray Tretheway 6-3,6-2 Southgate Park
4MS Robert Jenkins Rick Worthing 6-1,6-3 Southgate Park
5MS Paul Mewton Gary Borge 3-0RE Southgate Park
6MS Rafael Yanez Rick Frost 6-2,6-4 Southgate Park


  Southgate Park Natomas Winning
1MD Robert Jenkins
Meinrado Palada
Matthew Mentch
Ray Tretheway
1-6,6-2,7-5 Southgate Park
2MD Ed Ratana
Phoumano Philaphandet
Rick Worthing
Rick Frost
6-4,7-5 Southgate Park
3MD Les Harris
Paul Mewton
Dennis Lynch
Dan Belton
6-3,6-4 Southgate Park

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