Dougherty Valley vs Las Lomas HS
March 22, 2012

Confirmed Status: Confirmed

Entered by Steve R Robinson Confirmed by Steve R Robinson

Updated:3/25/2012 5:32:48 PM, Steve R Robinson

Match Stats:

Teams Individual Matches Won
Dougherty Valley 8
Las Lomas HS 1


  Dougherty Valley Las Lomas HS Winning
1MS Mike Wang Alexander J Kennedy 6-4,6-4 Dougherty Valley
2MS Aditya Kotecha Sam R Welden 6-2,6-1 Dougherty Valley
3MS Eaton Liu Justin Cole 6-2,6-2 Dougherty Valley
4MS Rishi Krishnan Alex Taylor 6-2,6-2 Dougherty Valley
5MS Eugene So Nathaniel Green 6-2,2-6,1-0 Las Lomas HS
6MS Prateek Uppal Daniil Mudrov 7-5,7-5 Dougherty Valley


  Dougherty Valley Las Lomas HS Winning
1MD Prudhvi R Gadiraju
Srivatsan Kalyan
Drew K Taplin
Aidan Johnston
6-3,6-1 Dougherty Valley
2MD Rohan Mani
Arnold So
Jason Abrahimi
David Weiner-light
6-0,7-5 Dougherty Valley
3MD Shreyas Kalyan
Kartheek Gavini
Kai Bacon
Steven Yates
6-0,6-2 Dougherty Valley

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