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Women's Weekday Doubles - 9.0

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Status Week of Home Team Visiting Team Site Court Blank
Confirmed Mar 4 10:00amRancho Murieta Country Cl W9.00AJohnson Ranch W9.00A-2-21
Confirmed Mar 4 10:00amArden Hills Country Club W9.00AEd Mitchell Park-'THOSE GIRLS'-5-12
Confirmed Mar 4 10:00amPark Terrace Racquet Club W9.00ABroadstone W9.0-1-03
Confirmed Mar 4 10:00amAuburn Racquet & Fitness W9.00AGold River W9.00A-4-03
Confirmed Mar 9 10:00amDavis W9.0ARollingwood RW Ladies 9.0-3-30
Confirmed Mar 11 10:00amJohnson Ranch W9.00ABroadstone W9.0-4-21
Confirmed Mar 11 10:00amBroadstone W9.0Auburn Racquet & Fitness W9.00A-2-30
Confirmed Mar 18 10:00amGold River W9.00ARollingwood RW Ladies 9.0-1-00
Confirmed Mar 18 10:00amArden Hills Country Club W9.00AJohnson Ranch W9.00A-2-00
Confirmed Mar 25 10:00amGold River W9.00AArden Hills Country Club W9.00A-2-00
Confirmed Apr 1 10:00amRollingwood RW Ladies 9.0Johnson Ranch W9.00A-5-30
Confirmed Apr 1 10:00amBroadstone W9.0Rancho Murieta Country Cl W9.00A-3-21
Confirmed Apr 1 10:00amAuburn Racquet & Fitness W9.00AEd Mitchell Park-'THOSE GIRLS'-1-12
Confirmed Apr 1 10:00amGold River W9.00APark Terrace Racquet Club W9.00A-2-12
Confirmed Apr 1 10:00amArden Hills Country Club W9.00ADavis W9.0A-4-03
Confirmed Apr 6 10:00amRancho Murieta Country Cl W9.00AArden Hills Country Club W9.00A-1-21
Confirmed Apr 8 10:00amEd Mitchell Park-'THOSE GIRLS'Broadstone W9.0-3-30
Confirmed Apr 8 10:00amPark Terrace Racquet Club W9.00ADavis W9.0A-2-21
Confirmed Apr 8 10:00amAuburn Racquet & Fitness W9.00AJohnson Ranch W9.00A-5-12
Confirmed Apr 8 10:00amRollingwood RW Ladies 9.0Arden Hills Country Club W9.00A-4-12
Confirmed Apr 8 10:00amGold River W9.00ARancho Murieta Country Cl W9.00A-1-03
Confirmed Apr 9 10:00amBroadstone W9.0Rollingwood RW Ladies 9.0-4-03
Confirmed Apr 15 10:00amBroadstone W9.0Gold River W9.00A-1-30
Confirmed Apr 15 10:00amArden Hills Country Club W9.00AAuburn Racquet & Fitness W9.00A-4-21
Confirmed Apr 15 10:00amDavis W9.0AEd Mitchell Park-'THOSE GIRLS'-5-21
Confirmed Apr 15 10:00amJohnson Ranch W9.00APark Terrace Racquet Club W9.00A-3-21
Confirmed Apr 15 10:00amRollingwood RW Ladies 9.0Rancho Murieta Country Cl W9.00A-2-12
Confirmed Apr 18 10:00amPark Terrace Racquet Club W9.00ARollingwood RW Ladies 9.0-3-12
Confirmed Apr 22 10:00amRollingwood RW Ladies 9.0Auburn Racquet & Fitness W9.00A-5-30
Confirmed Apr 22 10:00amBroadstone W9.0Davis W9.0A-3-21
Confirmed Apr 22 10:00amRancho Murieta Country Cl W9.00APark Terrace Racquet Club W9.00A-3-21
Confirmed Apr 28 10:00amEd Mitchell Park-'THOSE GIRLS'Gold River W9.00A-5-21
Confirmed Apr 29 10:00amJohnson Ranch W9.00AGold River W9.00A-1-21
Confirmed Apr 29 10:00amEd Mitchell Park-'THOSE GIRLS'Rollingwood RW Ladies 9.0-5-21
Confirmed Apr 29 10:00amPark Terrace Racquet Club W9.00AAuburn Racquet & Fitness W9.00A-2-21
Confirmed Apr 29 10:00amDavis W9.0ARancho Murieta Country Cl W9.00A-3-21
Confirmed Apr 29 10:00amArden Hills Country Club W9.00ABroadstone W9.0-4-12
Confirmed May 5 10:00amEd Mitchell Park-'THOSE GIRLS'Johnson Ranch W9.00A-1-30
Confirmed May 6 10:00amDavis W9.0AGold River W9.00A-2-30
Confirmed May 6 10:00amPark Terrace Racquet Club W9.00AArden Hills Country Club W9.00A-3-30
Confirmed May 6 10:00amRancho Murieta Country Cl W9.00AEd Mitchell Park-'THOSE GIRLS'-1-21
Confirmed May 6 1:00pmDavis W9.0AAuburn Racquet & Fitness W9.00A-5-30
Confirmed May 11 10:00amRancho Murieta Country Cl W9.00AAuburn Racquet & Fitness W9.00A-5-30
Confirmed May 13 10:00amJohnson Ranch W9.00ADavis W9.0A-4-03
Confirmed May 13 10:00amPark Terrace Racquet Club W9.00AEd Mitchell Park-'THOSE GIRLS'-4-03
Confirmed May 14 10am
Davis W9.0AEd Mitchell Park-'THOSE GIRLS'---21
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