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Men's Sunday Regular - 4.0 6-person

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Status Week of Home Team Visiting Team Site Court Blank
Confirmed Sep 9 08:30amGold RiverRollingwood Woodies-1-81
Confirmed Sep 9 08:30amLaguna CreekDavis Tennis Club-2-36
Confirmed Sep 16 08:30amDavis Tennis ClubRollingwood Woodies-2-90
Confirmed Sep 16 08:30amGold RiverLaguna Creek-1-36
Confirmed Sep 30 08:30amGold RiverDavis Tennis Club-1-63
Confirmed Sep 30 08:30amRollingwood WoodiesLaguna Creek-2-45
Confirmed Oct 7 08:30amRollingwood WoodiesGold River-1-36
Confirmed Oct 7 08:30amLaguna CreekDavis Tennis Club-2-27
Confirmed Oct 14 08:30amGold RiverLaguna Creek-1-81
Confirmed Oct 14 08:30amRollingwood WoodiesDavis Tennis Club-2-45
Confirmed Oct 21 08:30amDavis Tennis ClubGold River-1-63
Confirmed Oct 21 08:30amLaguna CreekRollingwood Woodies-2-63
Confirmed Oct 28 8:30am
Gold RiverLaguna Creek---81
Confirmed Oct 28 8:30am
Davis Tennis ClubRollingwood Woodies---81
Confirmed Nov 4 8:30am
Gold RiverDavis Tennis Club---63
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Byes: 0

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