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Women's Monday Eve Rotating Doubles: 4.0

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Status Week of Home Team Visiting Team Site Court Blank
Confirmed Jul 1 06:30pmLaguna LadiesBroadstone B-3-27
Confirmed Jul 8 06:30pmNatomas Racquet ClubBroadstone A-2-81
Confirmed Jul 8 06:30pmBroadstone BRio Del Oro-1-54
Confirmed Jul 8 06:30pmRollingwoodJohnson Ranch-3-36
Confirmed Jul 8 06:30pmLaguna LadiesFair Oaks Racquet Club-4-27
Confirmed Jul 9 06:30pmFair Oaks Racquet ClubBroadstone A-4-54
Confirmed Jul 15 06:30pmLaguna LadiesBroadstone A-4-72
Confirmed Jul 15 06:30pmRollingwoodFair Oaks Racquet Club-2-54
Confirmed Jul 15 06:30pmBroadstone BJohnson Ranch-3-54
Confirmed Jul 15 06:30pmRio Del OroNatomas Racquet Club-1-09
Confirmed Jul 18 06:30pmBroadstone AJohnson Ranch-2-63
Confirmed Jul 22 06:30pmRollingwoodBroadstone B-3-63
Confirmed Jul 22 06:30pmBroadstone ARio Del Oro-1-54
Confirmed Jul 22 06:30pmJohnson RanchLaguna Ladies-2-45
Confirmed Jul 22 06:30pmFair Oaks Racquet ClubNatomas Racquet Club-4-18
Confirmed Jul 29 06:30pmBroadstone BBroadstone A-2-81
Confirmed Jul 29 06:30pmNatomas Racquet ClubRollingwood-3-54
Confirmed Jul 29 06:30pmJohnson RanchFair Oaks Racquet Club-4-54
Confirmed Jul 29 06:30pmLaguna LadiesRio Del Oro-1-18
Confirmed Aug 5 06:30pmNatomas Racquet ClubLaguna Ladies-2-81
Confirmed Aug 5 06:30pmFair Oaks Racquet ClubBroadstone B-3-53
Confirmed Aug 5 06:30pmBroadstone ARollingwood-1-45
Confirmed Aug 5 06:30pmRio Del OroJohnson Ranch-4-36
Confirmed Aug 12 06:30pmRollingwoodLaguna Ladies-1-81
Confirmed Aug 12 06:30pmRio Del OroFair Oaks Racquet Club-3-54
Confirmed Aug 13 06:30pmNatomas Racquet ClubBroadstone B-4-90
Confirmed Aug 19 06:30pmJohnson RanchNatomas Racquet Club-2-45
Confirmed Aug 19 06:30pmRio Del OroRollingwood-1-36
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