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Friday Women's Day Doubles - 8.5 (10 am)

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Status Week of Home Team Visiting Team Site Court Blank
Confirmed Sep 18 10:00amRio Del Oro W8.50ARollingwood Racquet Club-Rollingwood-3-30
Confirmed Sep 18 10:00amSierra View-Sierra ViewGold River W8.50A-1-21
Confirmed Sep 18 10:00amJohnson Ranch W8.50AAuburn Racquet & Fitness-Auburn Aces-South Side#29,30,31-21
Confirmed Sep 25 10:00amGold River W8.50ARollingwood Racquet Club-Rollingwood-1-12
Confirmed Sep 25 10:00amSierra View-Sierra ViewJohnson Ranch W8.50A-3-12
Confirmed Sep 25 10:00amRio Del Oro W8.50ALaguna Creek W8.50A-2-12
Confirmed Oct 2 10:00amAuburn Racquet & Fitness-Auburn AcesRollingwood Racquet Club-Rollingwood-3-30
Confirmed Oct 2 10:00amJohnson Ranch W8.50ALaguna Creek W8.50A-South Side#29,30&31-12
Confirmed Oct 2 10:00amGold River W8.50ARio Del Oro W8.50A-2-12
Confirmed Oct 9 10:00amRollingwood Racquet Club-RollingwoodLaguna Creek W8.50A-2-30
Confirmed Oct 9 10:00amSierra View-Sierra ViewRio Del Oro W8.50A-1-12
Confirmed Oct 9 10:00amGold River W8.50AAuburn Racquet & Fitness-Auburn Aces-3-03
Confirmed Oct 16 10:00amRollingwood Racquet Club-RollingwoodJohnson Ranch W8.50A-1-30
Confirmed Oct 16 10:00amAuburn Racquet & Fitness-Auburn AcesSierra View-Sierra View-2-21
Confirmed Oct 16 10:00amLaguna Creek W8.50AGold River W8.50A-3-21
Confirmed Oct 23 10:00amLaguna Creek W8.50ASierra View-Sierra View-3-30
Confirmed Oct 23 10:00amJohnson Ranch W8.50AGold River W8.50A-South Side#26,27&28-30
Confirmed Oct 23 10:00amAuburn Racquet & Fitness-Auburn AcesRio Del Oro W8.50A-1-21
Confirmed Oct 30 10:00amRollingwood Racquet Club-RollingwoodSierra View-Sierra View-2-30
Confirmed Oct 30 10:00amLaguna Creek W8.50AAuburn Racquet & Fitness-Auburn Aces-1-21
Confirmed Oct 30 10:00amRio Del Oro W8.50AJohnson Ranch W8.50A-3-03
Confirmed Nov 6 10:00am
Laguna Creek W8.50AJohnson Ranch W8.50A---21
Confirmed Nov 6 10:00 am
Rollingwood Racquet Club-RollingwoodAuburn Racquet & Fitness-Auburn Aces---03
Confirmed Nov 13 10:00 am
Laguna Creek W8.50AAuburn Racquet & Fitness-Auburn Aces---21
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