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Women's Wednesday Evening Doubles - 8.0

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Status Week of Home Team Visiting Team Site Court Blank
Confirmed Mar 1 06:30pmLife Time FitnessIn-Shape El Dorado-5,6,7-21
Confirmed Mar 1 06:30pmBroadstone FearlessLaguna Creek-1-12
Confirmed Mar 1 06:30pmJohnson Ranch Dream TeamRio Del Oro Dare Doubles-2-03
Confirmed Mar 1 06:30pmNatomas Night RidersJohnson Ranch Love Hurts-4-03
bye 03/01/17 byeBroadstone Hot ShotsByeBye----
Confirmed Mar 8 06:30pmBroadstone Hot ShotsJohnson Ranch Dream Team-1-30
Confirmed Mar 8 06:30pmRio Del Oro Dare DoublesNatomas Night Riders-2-21
Confirmed Mar 8 06:30pmJohnson Ranch Love HurtsLife Time Fitness-4-21
Confirmed Mar 8 06:30pmIn-Shape El DoradoBroadstone Fearless-3-03
bye 03/08/17 byeLaguna CreekByeBye----
Confirmed Mar 15 06:30pmJohnson Ranch Love HurtsLaguna Creek-2-30
Confirmed Mar 15 06:30pmBroadstone FearlessBroadstone Hot Shots-1-21
Confirmed Mar 15 06:30pmNatomas Night RidersIn-Shape El Dorado-3-12
Confirmed Mar 15 06:30pmRio Del Oro Dare DoublesLife Time Fitness-4-03
bye 03/15/17 byeJohnson Ranch Dream TeamByeBye----
Confirmed Mar 22 06:30pmLaguna CreekBroadstone Hot Shots-1-21
bye 03/22/17 byeIn-Shape El DoradoByeBye----
Confirmed Mar 29 06:30pmLaguna CreekRio Del Oro Dare Doubles-3-30
Confirmed Mar 29 06:30pmIn-Shape El DoradoBroadstone Hot Shots-1-21
Confirmed Mar 29 06:30pmBroadstone FearlessJohnson Ranch Love Hurts-2-03
Confirmed Mar 29 06:30pmJohnson Ranch Dream TeamNatomas Night Riders-4-03
bye 03/29/17 byeLife Time FitnessByeBye----
Confirmed Apr 5 06:30pmIn-Shape El DoradoJohnson Ranch Dream Team-2-30
Confirmed Apr 5 06:30pmLife Time FitnessBroadstone Hot Shots-5,6,7-12
Confirmed Apr 5 06:30pmNatomas Night RidersLaguna Creek-3-03
Confirmed Apr 5 06:30pmRio Del Oro Dare DoublesJohnson Ranch Love Hurts-4-03
bye 04/05/17 byeBroadstone FearlessByeBye----
bye 04/12/17 byeBroadstone FearlessByeBye4---
bye 04/12/17 byeBroadstone Hot ShotsByeBye4---
bye 04/12/17 byeIn-Shape El DoradoByeBye4---
bye 04/12/17 byeJohnson Ranch Dream TeamByeBye4---
bye 04/12/17 byeJohnson Ranch Love HurtsByeBye4---
bye 04/12/17 byeLaguna CreekByeBye4---
bye 04/12/17 byeLife Time FitnessByeBye4---
bye 04/12/17 byeNatomas Night RidersByeBye4---
bye 04/12/17 byeRio Del Oro Dare DoublesByeBye4---
Confirmed Apr 12 06:30pmJohnson Ranch Love HurtsJohnson Ranch Dream Team-3-30
Confirmed Apr 12 06:30pmLife Time FitnessNatomas Night Riders-4-30
Confirmed Apr 19 06:30pmLaguna CreekLife Time Fitness-4-30
Confirmed Apr 19 06:30pmBroadstone Hot ShotsNatomas Night Riders-3-21
Confirmed Apr 19 06:30pmRio Del Oro Dare DoublesIn-Shape El Dorado-2-12
Confirmed Apr 19 06:30pmJohnson Ranch Dream TeamBroadstone Fearless-1-03
bye 04/19/17 byeJohnson Ranch Love HurtsByeBye----
Confirmed Apr 26 06:30pmBroadstone Hot ShotsJohnson Ranch Love Hurts-1-21
Confirmed Apr 26 06:30pmNatomas Night RidersBroadstone Fearless-3-12
Confirmed Apr 26 06:30pmJohnson Ranch Dream TeamLife Time Fitness-2-03
bye 04/26/17 byeRio Del Oro Dare DoublesByeBye----
Confirmed May 3 06:30pmJohnson Ranch Love HurtsIn-Shape El Dorado-4-30
Confirmed May 3 06:30pmLife Time FitnessBroadstone Fearless-2-21
Confirmed May 3 06:30pmBroadstone Hot ShotsRio Del Oro Dare Doubles-1-12
Confirmed May 3 06:30pmLaguna CreekJohnson Ranch Dream Team-3-12
bye 05/03/17 byeNatomas Night RidersByeBye----
Confirmed May 17 06:30pmBroadstone FearlessRio Del Oro Dare Doubles-2-30
Confirmed May 17 06:30pmIn-Shape El DoradoLaguna Creek-4-03
Total Matches:
Byes: 18

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