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Friday Women's Day Doubles - 7.5 (10 am)

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Status Week of Home Team Visiting Team Site Court Blank
Confirmed Mar 9 10:00amDavis Tennis Club-Party at the NetCarmichael Park-Glam Slam---30
Confirmed Mar 9 10:00amMiller Park-FORC ChickadeesRio Del Oro W7.50A---30
Confirmed Mar 9 10:00amLuv All - In ShapeJohnson Ranch W7.50A---21
Confirmed Mar 9 10:00amLincoln Hills-Net ChicksArden Park-Arden Parkers-Sun City Lincoln Hil-30
Confirmed Mar 23 10:00amArden Park-Arden ParkersSerrano Country Club-Serrano Country Club---30
Confirmed Mar 23 10:00amLuv All - In ShapeRio Del Oro W7.50A---21
Confirmed Mar 23 10:00amCarmichael Park-Glam SlamBroadstone W7.50A---21
Confirmed Mar 23 10:00amDavis Tennis Club-Party at the NetMiller Park-FORC Chickadees---12
Confirmed Mar 23 10:00amJohnson Ranch W7.50ALincoln Hills-Net Chicks---12
Confirmed Mar 27 10:00amBroadstone W7.50ARio Del Oro W7.50A---12
Confirmed Mar 30 10:00amDavis Tennis Club-Party at the NetArden Park-Arden Parkers---30
Confirmed Mar 30 10:00amLuv All - In ShapeLincoln Hills-Net Chicks---21
Confirmed Apr 13 10:00amBroadstone W7.50AJohnson Ranch W7.50A---30
Confirmed Apr 13 10:00amArden Park-Arden ParkersLuv All - In Shape---21
Confirmed Apr 13 10:00amDavis Tennis Club-Party at the NetRio Del Oro W7.50A---12
Confirmed Apr 13 10:00amCarmichael Park-Glam SlamLincoln Hills-Net Chicks---12
Confirmed Apr 13 10:00amMiller Park-FORC ChickadeesSerrano Country Club-Serrano Country Club---12
Confirmed Apr 20 10:00amRio Del Oro W7.50ALincoln Hills-Net Chicks---30
Confirmed Apr 20 10:00amSerrano Country Club-Serrano Country ClubCarmichael Park-Glam Slam---21
Confirmed Apr 20 10:00amArden Park-Arden ParkersBroadstone W7.50A---12
Confirmed Apr 20 10:00amJohnson Ranch W7.50AMiller Park-FORC Chickadees---12
Confirmed Apr 20 10:00amLuv All - In ShapeDavis Tennis Club-Party at the Net---03
Confirmed Apr 23 10:00amArden Park-Arden ParkersCarmichael Park-Glam Slam---21
Confirmed Apr 26 10:00amRio Del Oro W7.50ASerrano Country Club-Serrano Country Club---21
Confirmed Apr 27 10:00amSerrano Country Club-Serrano Country ClubLuv All - In Shape---30
Confirmed Apr 27 10:00amBroadstone W7.50AMiller Park-FORC Chickadees---30
Confirmed Apr 27 10:00amRio Del Oro W7.50AArden Park-Arden Parkers---21
Confirmed Apr 27 10:00amJohnson Ranch W7.50ACarmichael Park-Glam Slam---21
Confirmed Apr 27 10:00amLincoln Hills-Net ChicksDavis Tennis Club-Party at the Net---12
Confirmed May 4 10:00amDavis Tennis Club-Party at the NetJohnson Ranch W7.50A---21
Confirmed May 4 10:00amRio Del Oro W7.50ACarmichael Park-Glam Slam---21
Confirmed May 4 10:00amMiller Park-FORC ChickadeesArden Park-Arden Parkers---12
Confirmed May 4 10:00amLuv All - In ShapeBroadstone W7.50A---12
Confirmed May 10 10:00amRio Del Oro W7.50AJohnson Ranch W7.50A---21
Confirmed May 11 10:00amCarmichael Park-Glam SlamMiller Park-FORC Chickadees---12
Confirmed May 11 10:00amSerrano Country Club-Serrano Country ClubBroadstone W7.50A---12
Confirmed May 12 10:00amSerrano Country Club-Serrano Country ClubLincoln Hills-Net Chicks---12
Confirmed May 14 10:00amSerrano Country Club-Serrano Country ClubDavis Tennis Club-Party at the Net---12
Confirmed May 14 9:30amJohnson Ranch W7.50AArden Park-Arden Parkers---21
Confirmed May 17 10:00amMiller Park-FORC ChickadeesLuv All - In Shape---30
Confirmed May 18 10:00amMiller Park-FORC ChickadeesLincoln Hills-Net Chicks---30
Confirmed May 18 10:00amCarmichael Park-Glam SlamLuv All - In Shape---30
Confirmed May 18 10:00amBroadstone W7.50ADavis Tennis Club-Party at the Net---21
Confirmed May 18 10:00amJohnson Ranch W7.50ASerrano Country Club-Serrano Country Club---12
Confirmed May 20 11:30amLincoln Hills-Net ChicksBroadstone W7.50A---12
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