Christine M Seely

Team Division Season Position Singles Doubles Wins Losses Sets Won Sets Lost Games Won Games Lost Reg/
Walnut Creek Racquet ClubFALL A-III09/05/17-0523464143RJul 19 2017 12:10AM
Valley Vista BALL Senior A-12017 BALL Senior A-109/03/17-06152103459RJul 10 2017 3:16PM
Valley Vista BALL Super Seniors A-22017 BALL Super Senior A-209/03/17-07611228337RJul 10 2017 3:16PM
Valley Vista Racquet Club BALL A-32017 BALL A-309/03/17-093661274101RJul 10 2017 3:16PM
Valley VistaFALL A-I09/06/16-0431634931RJul 17 2016 12:33PM
Valley Vista BALL Senior A-12016 BALL Senior A-109/05/16-0413262740RJun 30 2016 2:26PM
Valley Vista BALL Super Seniors A-12016 BALL Super Senior A-109/05/16-0422454342RJun 30 2016 2:26PM
Valley Vista Racquet Club BALL A-32016 BALL A-309/05/16-08531168776RJun 30 2016 2:26PM
Clubsport Valley Vista BALL A-22015 BALL A-209/07/15-0743887872RJun 30 2015 2:18PM
Clubsport VV BALL Senior A-12015 BALL Senior A-109/07/15-0532655145RJun 30 2015 2:18PM
Clubsport VV BALL Super Seniors A-12015 BALL Super Senior A-109/07/15-0642866665RJun 30 2015 2:18PM
Clubsport Valley Vista (C)FALL A-III09/06/15-0321544136RJul 16 2015 11:02AM
Clubsport Valley Vista (C)Mt. Diablo Summer League05/18/155084411810288RMay 20 2015 11:56AM
Clubsport Valley Vista - A2 CCSL2015 CCSL Women's A201/05/15-0624585963ROct 17 2014 4:29PM
Clubsport Valley Vista BALL A-12014 BALL A-109/07/14-0514383252RJun 21 2014 3:45PM
Clubsport VV BALL Senior A-12014 BALL Senior A-109/07/14-0541845847RJun 21 2014 3:45PM
Clubsport VV BALL Super Seniors A-12014 BALL Super Senior A-109/07/14-07611338250RJun 21 2014 3:45PM
Clubsport Valley Vista (C)FALL A-III08/31/14-0642957148RJul 13 2014 10:16AM
Clubsport Valley Vista (C)Mt. Diablo Summer League04/16/147087114410060RApr 23 2014 8:16AM
Clubsport Valley Vista - A3 CCSL2014 CCSL Women's A301/06/14-0431624428RNov 16 2013 3:09AM
Clubsport Valley Vista (C)FALL A-III09/03/13-05501016537RJul 2 2013 10:03PM
Clubsport Valley Vista A-22013 BALL A-209/02/13-0624484158RJun 30 2013 4:02PM
Clubsport VV Senior A-12013 BALL Senior A-109/02/13-07521047756RJun 30 2013 4:02PM
Clubsport VV Super Seniors2013 BALL Super Senior09/02/13-0642947549RJun 30 2013 4:02PM
ClubSport Valley Vista-A2 CCSL2013 CCSL Women's A201/07/13-07256116390ROct 30 2012 11:21AM
Clubsport Valley Vista A-22012 BALL A-209/04/12-0734696877RJun 25 2012 9:51PM
Clubsport VV Senior A-12012 BALL Senior A-109/04/12-09541098696RJun 25 2012 9:51PM
Clubsport VV Super Seniors2012 BALL Super Senior09/04/12-0129319714098RJun 25 2012 9:51PM
Clubsport Valley Vista (C)FALL A-II09/02/12-0624595374RMay 15 2012 9:48PM
ClubSport Valley Vista-A2 CCSL2012 CCSL Women's A201/10/12-0624585766RDec 12 2011 9:24AM
Clubsport Valley Vista A-32011 BALL A-309/06/11-0523676158RJul 20 2011 2:13PM
Clubsport VV Senior A-12011 BALL Senior A-109/06/11-0743877073RMay 12 2011 12:32PM
Clubsport VV Super Seniors2011 BALL Super Senior09/06/11-011020138RSep 4 2011 12:01PM
Clubsport Valley Vista (C)FALL A-III09/04/11-06601207429RMay 28 2011 8:54PM
ClubSport Valley Vista-A3 CCSL2011 CCSL Women's A301/10/11-0642867170RDec 5 2010 11:51PM
Clubsport VV Senior A-12010 BALL Senior A-109/07/10-011020125RJul 12 2010 9:54PM
Clubsport Valley Vista (C)FALL A-II09/05/10-0312242328RJul 5 2010 4:22PM
ClubSport Valley Vista-A2 CCSL2010 CCSL Women's A201/04/10-05052102765RNov 10 2009 10:16PM
Clubsport Valley Vista (C)FALL A-II09/08/09-0422464553RJun 27 2009 12:29PM
Clubsport VV Senior A-12009 BALL Senior A-109/01/09-00000000RJul 21 2009 11:49AM
ClubSport Valley Vista-A2 CCSL2009 CCSL Women's A-201/05/09-0220412815RNov 17 2008 2:52PM
Clubsport VV Senior A-12008 BALL Senior A-109/01/08-00000000RJul 10 2008 6:58PM
ClubSport Valley Vista-A1 CCSL2008 CCSL Women's A-101/14/08-0211232327RDec 18 2007 11:09AM
Clubsport VV Senior A2007 BALL Senior A09/11/07-00000000RJul 18 2007 11:24AM
Club Sport Valley Vista-A2 CCSL2007 CCSL Women's A-201/15/07-0303162040RDec 11 2006 8:18AM
Clubsport VV Senior A2006 BALL Senior A-109/01/06-00000000RJul 19 2006 12:13PM
Clubsport VV Senior A2005 BALL Senior A-109/06/05-00000000RJun 30 2005 9:23PM
Clubsport VV Senior A2004 BALL Senior A09/07/04-00000000RAug 23 2004 6:34AM

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