#6 USPTA Jr Circuit Lafayette TC

Hi all players and parents. We will finish the tournament on Friday if the weather permits. The new times have been posted for the tournament. Please check the draws. Players are responsible for their start times. If you cannot play, Please let me know so I can notify your opponent and save them a trip. Also, all main draw matches will now be 8 game no add pro set matches. All consolation will be 6 game no add pro set matches as before.

Hi, We will be rescheduling the remaining matches for next Friday starting at 4p or possibly on next Saturday or Sunday. Please let me know if you cannot play next weekend by Tuesday at 7p. Then I will be able to schedule the rest of the matches and notify players if the will not have amatch. We had a great tournament and thank You for your participation!

Hi, it is Sunday the 18th at 745a, the courts are drying up but it is cold. All matches are delayed 1 hour from their start times for today. We will not update this message unless it begins to rain. if you arrive early, and your opponent arrives early, we may be able to get you on early. Good luck and the weather looks good!

Hi, It is Saturday the 17th at 630p. All matches today were washed out. All matches that were rained out today will be played tomorrow at the same time they were scheduled for today. So if you had a 1215p match today then you are scheduled for tomorrow at 1215p. Please check here at 1015a to see if there is a delay for tomorrow. Currently there is no delay. We may or may not change the format for tomorrow. Good luck tomorrow and remember to check this section for a possible delay!

Hi, it is Saturday the 17th at 1120p. it just started raining hard. All matches are suspended for today and no play will happen. All matches are rescheduled for the same time tomorrow as today. This will not be reflected in the draws. When you look at the draws there will be no change. Again, all matches will be played tomorrow at the same time they were scheduled today! Please check here at 1015a on Sunday to see if we have a delay.

it is Saturday the 17th in the am. The courts are a bit wet. All matches are delayed 1 hour from their original start time. We will update this message again at 1115a. If this message is not updated then we will stick to the hour delay. Thanks for your patience during the delay!! Hi, it is Friday the16th at 830p and the courts are dry and playable. the first uspta junior matches start at 1215p tomorrow. If it is raining I will update this message at 1015a which will give you a 2 hour window to get to the club. If htis message is not updated then there is no delay. The rain hotline is 9259372582. Please only call that number if you are en rout e to the tournament and it begins to rain or you do not have internet service. All matches were completed on friday so the schedule will not change. We will not cancel the day due to rain until noon due to the rules.

Hi, it is Friday the 16th at 2p and the courts have been squeegeed. there is no delay and we are on schedule as of now. This message will be updated immediately if it should begin to rain. Please check this section of the home page if it is raining!! The Rain Hotline is 925 9372582. You should call the hotline if you are en route to the club and it starts raining or you do not have access to the internet. We will update this section of the notes if it is raining on Friday by 2p. If we get rained out on Friday then the draws will be redone and we may change the format and cancel consolation. We also may make the decision to cancel and use the make up dates. Make sure you are available to play the make up dates as we will not be refunding entry fees unless we are rained out on both dates. Hopfeully we will get a big enough window of dry weather so we do not have to use the make up dates. The weather looks iffy all weekend as of now. Please do not come to the club until you check this section of the draw for a possible delay!!!!! Or call the rain hotline. Thanks and lets hope that the forecast improves!

Entries open Feb. 9 - Entry deadline is Mar. 11 at midnight, entry fee is $44, Tournament director is Hunter Gallaway, and the Pre-tournament and tournament desk phone is 925-937-2582. Site is at 3125 Camino Diablo, Lafayette 94549. The tournament format is first match loser consolation - entries may be limited - 10 & unders to play on full court with green dot control ball.

Rain make up dates:3/23-3/25

Please take time to review information below.

To view circuit rules click here : https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2P0Qwb192fgTTFsTjJEN0FXMTA/view?usp=sharing

To view coaching protocols click here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2P0Qwb192fgUVlDa2VnNXMtMFk

To view parental behavior guidelines click here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2P0Qwb192fgMHZLODZKZWNCeUU

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