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Courts are dry.

Last update: 01/25/21
For Members Only.
For Members Only.

Blackhawk Country Club



1. Guest privileges are at the discretion of Blackhawk Country Club and may be altered or discontinued by action of the Board of Directors without notice.

2. All guests must be registered at the Tennis Villas Pro Shop before play at either the Villas or Sports Complex tennis centers.

3. Members must be on the same court with their guests.

4. The same guest is limited to ten (10) times a year, regardless of who sponsors them. However, Family Guests who live outside of Alameda and Contra Costa Counties (must provide a valid driver's license or other form of comparable identification) will be permitted to use the tennis facilities an unlimited number of times, provided they are accompanied by a family member who is a Golf or Tennis Member in good standing.

5. Guest fees will be charged for all guests at the current rate.

6. Fees are posted in the Tennis Villas Pro Shop.


1. Tennis activities must be approved by the Director of Tennis.

2. League matches will be given advanced court booking.

3. Children under 12 must be under adult supervision at all times.


1. Tennis Villas Pro Shop hours are posted at the Pro Shop.


1. All court reservations must be made through the Tennis Villas Pro Shop (925-736-6575) or online at Players must check-in prior to going on the court. Reservations are accepted seven days in advance beginning at 8:00 am. Walk-on courts will be assigned on a first come, first served basis.

2. Members wanting to book multiple courts at the same time (limit of three) may do so by calling the Villas Pro Shop.

3. Members may make one reservation per day. Cancellation of a court must be given at least one hour in advance by contacting the Tennis Villas Pro Shop. Reserved courts are forfeited to waiting players 10 minutes after reservation time. Courts may be reserved for up to two hours. Ball machine court may be reserved for up to one hour.

4. Players on the court who are completing their game or time should recognize players waiting outside the courts. Players may complete the game they are playing before they relinquish the court. Adults have first priority of course usage. A court will be considered an adult court if one adult is playing.


1. No glass bottles.

2. No profanity allowed.

3. No throwing of rackets.

4. All members and guests must follow the tennis dress code. (See page 4 of Club R&R’s)

5. No persons, other than employees of Blackhawk Country Club, may give tennis lessons, whether paid for or not that might give the perception that they represent Blackhawk Country Club.

Last update: 03/20/20
For Members Only.
For Members Only.

#8 USPTA Jr Circuit Blackhawk CC

05/14/21-05/16/21 Upcoming

Summer/Fall Men's Singles Circuit

07/18/20-10/31/20 Finished

Summer/Fall Same Household Doubles Circuit

07/18/20-10/31/20 Finished

Summer/Fall Women's One-on-One Doubles Circuit

07/18/20-10/15/20 Finished

Summer/Fall Women's Singles Circuit

07/18/20-10/31/20 Finished


2018 Monday Night Spring Pickleball League

4/16/2018 - 5/21/2018
1 Divisions 0 Teams 0 Players

2017 Fall Competitive League

10/2/2017 - 11/18/2017
1 Divisions 0 Teams 0 Players

2017 Social Pickleball League

10/2/2017 - 11/13/2017
1 Divisions 0 Teams 0 Players

2017 Summer Pickleball League

6/26/2017 - 8/30/2017
1 Divisions 0 Teams 0 Players

2017 Spring Pickleball League

3/20/2017 - 4/24/2017
1 Divisions 0 Teams 0 Players

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