Bay Area Ladies League LLC




A. League Management

1.The Bay Area Ladies League, LLC (BALL) shall be managed by an Advisory Committee consisting of the League Manager and Division Representatives.

2.All teams and players within the league will adhere to the BALL Rules, Regulations and Policies stated herein. These regulations may be amended from time to time by a majority vote of the Advisory Committee. BALL regulations take precedence over any other rules. USTA rules apply in situations not covered by BALL rules.

3.The Advisory Committee may settle disputes, approve substitutions, and expel or penalize any player or team not abiding by the regulations.

B. Eligibility

1.Team Eligibility

a) Eligibility Determination. The Governing Board shall determine the eligibility of each team entering the league.

b) Entry Form and Payment. Each team wishing to enter must register online at The League Manager will determine the team registration deadline. The registration fee will be paid by credit card at the time of registration. Fees are non-refundable once submitted.

c) Team Size. Each team shall consist of a minimum of 15 players.

d) Rosters. Team captains are responsible for managing their rosters. Prior to the start of the season they must add all their players. Additions or deletions from rosters may be made at any time during the season.

e) Court Requirements. Teams must have 3 courts in one location for regular doubles matches or two courts for seniors, super seniors and singles matches. The courts must be in good playable condition. Courts must be available until the completion of the match otherwise host team retires any unfinished sets.

f) Change of Captains. If there is a change of captain, the new or old team captain or club must immediately notify all teams in that division as well as the Division Representative.

2.Player Eligibility

a) Age. Players must be 19 years or older to play on a regular doubles or singles team. Players must be 50 years or older to play on a senior team and 65 years or older to play on a super senior team. Eligibility to play starts ON JANUARY 1 of the calendar year of player's birthday.

b) Ratings. A singles player must be assigned a rating, preferably their USTA rating if they have one. For all other divisions, BALL will not update player ratings. Level of play will be the honor system.

c) Number of Teams a Player may Participate On. A player may play on only one team within each BALL grouping. The groupings are: Regular doubles (A1 through C), Seniors (Senior A1 through Senior B3), Super Seniors, and Singles.

d) Change of Division. If a player signs up for a team (regular doubles, seniors, super seniors, or singles), but does NOT play any matches for that team, she may move to another team during the season.

C.Rules of Play

1.Host Team Responsibilities

a) Coordinating with Guest Team. The host captain will email the guest captain one weekbefore the match to confirm start times, place and any other pertinent information.The host captain shall inform the guest captain in advance of any special dress code requirements or restrictions (e.g., no black-soled shoes).

b) Balls and Refreshments. The host team will furnish refreshments and new heavy-duty championship yellow tennis balls.

2. Defaults

a) Late to Match. If a player (or players) arrives 15 minutes after the scheduled playing time a default CAN be called, 9:45am for 1st round, 10:45 for 2nd round provided courts are available. However, if there are unforeseen problems (e.g., heavy traffic, freeway accident, etc.) we encourage teams to try to play the match anyway. For safety reasons the late player/s MUST be allowed a minimum 5 minute warm up.

b) Failure to Meet Dress Code. All players will wear appropriate clothing and abide by the dress code of the host club.

c) Notification of Match Default. If a captain is aware that she needs to default a line, she shall notify the opposing team captain the evening before the match, whenever possible.

Procedure for Defaulting. If a team must default a line, it will be the last position on the team (i.e., #5 on a regular doubles team or #4 on a senior or super seniors team). If a team must default two lines, they will be the last two positions. If play has started before the default is called, the match stands as played with the default for the line that did not show. For a singles team, the position level will be defaulted; all other levels will not be affected.

d) Number of Defaults. No team may have more than 2 individual defaults per match. No team may default an entire match. If this happens it’s scores for the season will be negated and the team’s eligibility for the following season, will be at the discretion of the Advisory Committee. Individual players on the team may also sanctioned from playing the following season on any teams. From time-to-time it may be difficult for a team to field a line up and for this reason we encourage all captains to be flexible and work with each other.

3.Rain Make-ups

a) Inclement Weather. The host captain should contact the guest captain as soon as she is aware her courts will be unplayable, but no later than 8:00am the day of the matchto cancel and discuss rescheduling at the earliest possible date.

b) Unplayable Courts at Start of Match. If the guest team arrives and the designated courts for the first round of play are unplayable due to inclement weather at the scheduled start time for the match (i.e. 9:30AM), the guest captain has the option of rescheduling the match at her home courts on her home day. Her team shall provide balls and refreshments if she chooses this option.

c) Rescheduling matches.The match must be rescheduled as follows: within seven days of the original match date, the home team must offer the visiting team at least two different dates (the two dates must be offered at the same time) for the makeup match at the home team's courts within three days of receiving those options, the visiting team must choose one date. If the home team fails to comply with the Rescheduling Procedures by the seventh day, the home team will lose home court advantage and scheduling rights. The visiting team will then have seven days (starting immediately) to set up the match, in accordance with the procedures stated above. Teams may play rain make-ups by individual positions if necessary. If a captain has called to default positions for a match that is rained out before play begins, she may try to fill those positions for the make-up match. If the match is rained out in progress, any defaults will stand even if the defaulted positions did not start.

d) Match Interrupted. If a match is interrupted by rain, the same line-up must be used and play will continue at the point at which it was suspended. Play will be at the host team’s courts. If, however, there are extenuating circumstances for one of the players in the lineup and she will not be able to reschedule the match before the end of the season, a substitute player is allowed.

4.Time of Matches

a) Starting Times. Matches are assumed to start at 9:30am with a 3/2 split unless otherwise specified by the host captain. Depending on the home court facilities teams may arrive early to warm up. Individual teams must convene with their opponents promptly at 9:30am at their assigned courts.An additional 5 minute warmup with their opponents is allowed but play should begin no later than 9:35am. The second round of matches should be scheduled for 10:30am with at least a 5 minute warm up. If all lines are playing at the same time, or the start time will differ from 9:30am, the host captain must inform the visiting captain as soon as possible i.e. at the start of the season.

5. Match Line-ups

a) Score Sheets. Each Captain shall bring her own score sheet to each match. Captains should exchange score sheets simultaneously. Either captain may post scores however it is customary to give the host captain 24 hours to post the scores. The guest captain shall verify the posted scores as soon thereafter as possible.

b) Substitutions. A player’s name may be changed on the score sheet if someone sent a replacement and the captain did not know of the substitution until the player arrived or if an injury or emergency occurs during warm-up and a replacement can be made before the default time. Team positions should not be altered, only the players replaced.

c) Line Ups: Line-ups should be played straight up by strength. Since BALL does not keep track of player ratings this is an honor system and the judgment of the captain. If a captain knows she cannot play the line up straight up due to scheduling issues amongst the players she should notify the opposing captain.

d) Singles Line-ups. Singles players will play at their USTA rating effective from the start of the season or the date they are added to the team roster, whichever is later. If a singles player does not have a current USTA rating, a rating will be assigned to her as previously stated. Singles will consist of four lines, one at each of the following ability levels: #1 the rating shall be 4.0 to 5.0 #2 shall be 3.5 to 4.0 #3 shall be 3.0 to 3.5 #4 shall be 2.5 to 3.0. Singles players must play in order of their ratings (e.g., a 3.5 player may not play above a 4.0 player). They may not play more than one level above their rating. Singles captains should bring to each match a roster sheet listing the ratings of their players.


a) Sets. Each team competition shall consist of 2 sets out of 3, with 5 doubles matches for regular doubles, 4 matches for singles, C, seniors and super seniors. A seven point Coman Tie-Break shall apply when a set reaches 6 all. A Coman Super Tie Break will take the place of a full third set unless all 5 lines start at 9:30am. In that case, the decision to play a full third is made by the host team on each court prior to the start of the match and must be communicated to the opposing team. All matches played with a split start will be required to play a Coman Super Tie Break in lieu of a third set. Matches with a 10am start time may play a full third set if all 4 players on the court agree to this.

b) Points Awarded. If a team wins the match in two sets, it receives 3 points. In a three-set match, the team that wins two sets receives 2 points. The opposing team that won one set receives 1 point.

c) Defaults and Retirements. If a team defaults a position, the opposing team receives 3 points. If a player retires for any reason, the points stand as won (i.e., the team not retiring receives the remaining points).

d) Division Winners. If a team defeats all other teams in its division, it will be the winner. A tied match does not constitute a win. If no team defeats all other teams, then the winning team would be determined by the highest number of total points. In the event of a tie, the tiebreaker is head-to-head results. The winner of a division, including all players rostered on the winning team who played at least one match, will move up a division the following year.


1. Coaching. Coaching is not allowed at BALL matches.

2. Children at Courts. No children are allowed on or near courts during play.

3. Disputes. A lines-person will stand at the net. She will not make calls but if asked can overrule a player’s call.

4. Footfaults. A warning must be given before a lines-person is called (same as USTA rules).

Last update: 08/24/19

Bay Area Ladies League

Topdog Sports

Captain’s Handbook

A. Login to Topdog Sports

Login to Topdog Sports to print a copy of your scorecard, enter scores, etc.

1. Go to:

2. Click on Login, green tab on right

3. Enter your email address and password. Leave Administrator blank.

4. Click on Log Me In!

NOTE: Your teammates can select Login if they have been set up with login access (email

address + password). If they do not have a login set up, they can select Guest. Whether

they login as a member or enter as a guest, they can view information such as the team

schedule, roster, team standings, or even print a blank scorecard, etc.

B. Find Your Team Page

1. After login, if you are not on your Profile page, select My Profile (located on the very top,

right hand corner of the screen).

Note: As long as you are logged in, you can select My Profile from anywhere in the

Topdog Sports website to bring you back to your Profile page.

2. Scroll down under the green navigation bar until you find Competitions, look for the team you want.

3. Select your team.

C. Email the Opposing Captains

1. Go to your team page. (See instructions on page 1, Section B: Find Your Team Page)

2. Click on the Email Captians located under the green navigation bar.

3. Select the captain(s) you want to email.

4. Select Continue.

5. Enter your message in the message box, and select Submit.

E. Another way to Email the Opposing Captain or Co-Captain

1. Go to the opposing team’s home webpage.

2. Click on the Captain’s or Co-Captain’s name (located in the team information box—top

left hand side of screen—or in the Team Roster section.)

3. Locate the name of the Captain/Co-Captain in the Profile section.

4. Click on Send Email in the Email field.

F. Get a Summary List of All the Captains/Co-Captains Contact Information (phone

number, cell phone number, email address)

1. Go to your team page. (See instructions on page 1, Section B: Find Your Team Page)

2. Click on ‘Reports’— under the green navigation bar

3. In the ‘Reports’ field, select ‘Captain List’

4. In the ‘Divisions’ field, select your team’s division.

5. For ‘Teams’ – select ‘Any’ using the drop down button.

6. In the ‘Sort By’ field, select player or team

a. ‘Player’ – sorts report alphabetically by Captains’ last names.

b. ‘Team Name’ – sorts report alphabetically by Team Name

7. Click on Create:

a. Screen

b. Excel

c. Printer

G. Print a Blank Scorecard Before a Match

1. Go to your team page. (See instructions on page 1, Section B: Find Your Team Page)

2. To the right of the match scheduled it says line up list your players. Select the players from the drop down button for each team position. You may then email this from the website & decide if you want people to see it.Hit Save when the lineup is completed.

3. To the left of the match Click on Options click on Blank Score card, if you have entered the players their names will appear on the score card

4. When the scorecard appears, select the print button from your Internet browser.

5. If you want to stop the reminders going out to your team about the next match, log in, go to your team’s home page click on green edit tab under the circle profile.You can have a reminder sent to your team or not.

H. Record Your Scores

1. Go to your team page. (See instructions on page 1, Section B: Find Your Team Page)

2.The Option is located Left of the match date

3. Type in the new match date.

4. For each of the five lines, select one of the following in the Status field:

Completed, Default, Retired or Double Default

5. Select the Winner for each line by clicking on the round button to the left of the team.

6. To select the players for that match, use the drop down menu (down arrow).

7. For each team, enter the number of games won in each set.

8. Hit the Submit button when finished, or Cancel if you don’t want to submit the


9.Once you select Submit, an email message will be sent automatically to the

opposing captain notifying her to Verify the match scores. An Alert icon will be

flashing in the captain’s player Profile listing the score card that needs to be



a. Either captain may enter the scores and within 24 hours of the match.

b. The opposing captain should verify/confirm the scores within 48 hours of the match.

c. Captains and Co-captains can record or enter scores, verify a scorecard, or edit a

scorecard as long as the opposing captain has not verified the scores.

I. Verify the Scores after a Match

1. Go to your team page. (See instructions on page 1, Section B: Find Your Team Page)

2. Find the match date you want to Verify the scores.

3. If the Status column says Verify, the opposing captain has entered the match scores.

4. If the Status column says Record, enter the scores and the opposing captain shall


5. Compare the scores listed online to those on your score sheet.

6. If you disagree with the scores, email the opposing captain with your concerns.

7. Do NOT verify/confirm the scorecard if you disagree!!

8. If you agree with the scores, click on Verify, then select Confirm.

J. Change a Match Score After It Has Been Entered

If an error is found on the scorecard, only the captain who entered the scores can change it:

1. Go to your team page, select Change located next to the match date.

2. Make the correction, and select Submit.


The scores CANNOT be changed by the captain after the scorecard has been Confirmed.

Once the scores have been confirmed, only the Division Rep can change the scores.

K. Look Up Your Team’s Standing

1. Go to your team page. (See instructions on page 1, Section B: Find Your Team Page)

2. Click on League Standings listed below the green navigation bar.

L. Edit Your Profile

1. Go to the Login page:

2. Enter your email address and password. Leave Administrator blank.

3. Click on Log me in!

4. If you are not already in your Profile page, select My Profile from the top, right hand side

of the screen above the black navigation bar.

5. Select the green Edit tab located under the circle where a picture can be uploaded, left hand side of the screen.If you want to upload a picture click on “click to update”.

6. Add/change your home or cell phone number, city of residence, email address or


7. Privacy: If you do not want your phone numbers revealed to those who are not a part of

your team or Division, or who are not members of Bay Area Ladies League; the Show

Home Phone and Show Work Phone in the General Preferences section should NOT be

checked off.


a. Notify your Division Rep IMMEDIATELY if you change your contact number(s) or

email address.

b. As long as you are logged in, you can select My Profile from anywhere in the

Topdog Sports website to bring you back to your Profile page.

Last update: 02/27/20




League Manager

Becca Laufenberg



Division Representatives

Alva Antonini: A-1, A-2, Senior A-2, 510-421-0082


Estelle Baum: B-1, B-2, Singles, Super Seniors 510-482-2315


Susi Browne: SA-1, SA-3, SB-2,


Roberta Pottorff: A-3, B-3, C

Last update: 07/08/19

Directions to Blackhawk Country Club

599 Blackhawk Club Drive


From North of Danville

Get on I-680 South and head toward Danville. Exit at El Cerro Blvd. Turn left (east) on El Cerro. Stay straight to go onto Diablo Road. Diablo Road becomes Blackhawk Road. Continue on Blackhawk Road until you reach the main (west) entrance to Blackhawk Drive. Turn left onto Blackhawk Drive.

From South of Danville

Get on I-680 North and head toward Danville. Exit at Crow Canyon Road and turn right (east). Crow Canyon Road becomes Blackhawk Road just past Camino Tassajara. Turn right on Blackhawk Drive into the main Blackhawk Country Club entrance.

After You’re on Blackhawk Drive

Enter Visitors’ lane and tell the guard you are there for a tennis luncheon at the Lakeside Ballroom. Turn left at the first stop sign (Blackhawk Club Drive – sign is on left side of street), heading toward the clubhouse. This leads you straight to the Ballroom, which is located just past the main clubhouse. There is parking to the left and right as you come in the country club entrance, as well as behind the Ballroom.

Special Note: Attire

If you are coming from a tennis match and want to change clothes, there is a spacious bathroom in the Ballroom building where you can change. The club has a rule of no denim, please. Thank you.

Last update: 05/10/15


2019 BALL League

9/9/2019 - 4/17/2020
14 Divisions 0 Teams 0 Players

2018 BALL League

9/10/2018 - 5/3/2019
13 Divisions 0 Teams 0 Players

2017 BALL League

9/3/2017 - 4/27/2018
16 Divisions 0 Teams 0 Players

2016 BALL League

9/5/2016 - 5/1/2017
14 Divisions 0 Teams 0 Players

2015 BALL League

9/7/2015 - 4/22/2016
14 Divisions 0 Teams 0 Players

2014 BALL League

9/8/2014 - 4/24/2015
15 Divisions 0 Teams 0 Players

2013 BALL League

9/2/2013 - 4/25/2014
13 Divisions 0 Teams 0 Players

2012 BALL League

9/2/2012 - 4/26/2013
16 Divisions 0 Teams 0 Players

2011 BALL League

9/4/2011 - 4/23/2012
15 Divisions 0 Teams 0 Players

2010 BALL League

9/7/2010 - 4/29/2011
14 Divisions 0 Teams 0 Players

2009 BALL League

9/1/2009 - 4/30/2010
14 Divisions 0 Teams 0 Players

2008 BALL League

9/9/2008 - 4/30/2009
14 Divisions 0 Teams 0 Players

2007 BALL League

9/11/2007 - 4/20/2008
13 Divisions 0 Teams 0 Players

2006 BALL League

9/1/2006 - 4/30/2007
14 Divisions 0 Teams 0 Players

2005 BALL League

9/6/2005 - 5/11/2006
14 Divisions 0 Teams 0 Players

2004 BALL League

9/7/2004 - 4/22/2005
13 Divisions 0 Teams 0 Players

Affiliated Clubs and Organizations

Alameda Recreation & Parks Department

Alameda, CA


Courts 0

Arroyo Park

Union City, CA


Courts 0

Bay Club Pleasanton

Pleasanton, CA


Courts 14

Bay Trees Park

Castro Valley, CA


Courts 0

Berkeley Tennis Club

Berkeley, CA


Courts 0

Blackhawk Country Club

Danville, CA


Courts 0

Carondelet Athletics Complex

Walnut Creek, CA


Courts 17

Chabot Canyon Racquet Club

Oakland, CA


Courts 6

Claremont Country Club

Oakland, CA


Courts 0

Claremont Resort & Spa

Berkeley, CA


Courts 0

Clubsport Fremont

Fremont, CA


Courts 0

Clubsport San Ramon

San Ramon, CA


Courts 9

Concord Community Park

Concord, CA


Courts 7

Concord Tennis Club

Concord, CA


Courts 0

Crow Canyon Country Club

Danville, CA


Courts 13

Danville Station

Danville, CA


Courts 0

Davie Tennis Stadium

Piedmont, CA


Courts 0

Diablo Country Club

Diablo, CA


Courts 0

El Cerrito Tennis Club

El Cerrito, CA


Courts 0

Fremont Tennis Center

Fremont, CA


Courts 0

Harbor Bay Club

Alameda, CA


Courts 0

Heather Farm Tennis Center

Walnut Creek, CA


Courts 0

Hidden Hills Health & RC

Hayward, CA


Courts 0

Lafayette Tennis Club

Lafayette, CA


Courts 0

Livermore Valley Tennis Club

Livermore, CA


Courts 10

Meadow Swim & Tennis Club

Orinda, CA


Courts 4

Mervyn Morris Park

San Lorenzo, CA


Courts 6

Mission Hills Tennis Club

Fremont, CA


Courts 0

Moraga Country Club

Moraga, CA


Courts 0

Moraga Tennis & Swim Club

Moraga, CA


Courts 0

Moraga Valley Swim and Tennis Club

Orinda, CA


Courts 4

Oakhurst Country Club

Clayton, CA


Courts 0

Oakland Hills Tennis Club

Oakland, CA


Courts 0

Orinda Country Club

Orinda, CA


Courts 8

Orindawoods Tennis Club

Orinda, CA


Courts 0

Piedmont Public Courts

Piedmont, CA


Courts 0

Pinole City Courts

Pinole, CA


Courts 0

Pinole Valley Tennis Courts

Pinole, CA


Courts 0

Pleasanton Tennis and Community Park

Pleasanton, CA


Courts 0

Rancho Colorados Swim & Tennis Club

Lafayette, CA


Courts 5

Rossmoor Tennis Club

Walnut Creek, CA


Courts 0

Round Hill Country Club

Alamo, CA


Courts 14

Ruby Hill Golf Club

Pleasanton, CA


Courts 4

Saint Mary's College

Morga, CA


Courts 0

San Ramon Valley Tennis Club

Danville, CA


Courts 0

Sequoyah Country Club

Oakland, CA


Courts 0

Sleepy Hollow Swim And Tennis

Orinda, CA


Courts 11

Walnut Creek Racquet Club

Walnut Creek, CA


Courts 0

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