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RULES of the Fort Worth|Cowtown Flex League

Flex League is FUN and FLEXIBLE, and the RULES are SIMPLE and EASY.

1) Overriding Principles of Flex: Schedule matches at a location and time that is convenient to both players, within the boundaries of the league (within a 30-minute drive from downtown Fort Worth). While the home player is responsible for scheduling a match, both players are encouraged to be proactive and schedule matches in advance of the scheduled date.

The purpose of Flex is to play more tennis, so please hold to your commitment to PLAY YOUR MATCHES. Your opponents are counting on you. If something comes up where you will not be able to play your matches, FIND A SUB to play in your place. Just enter the scores as if you had played the match.

Though we use USTA NTRP ratings as a suggested level of play, a player is able to select whatever level of play that is both competitive and fair to all. Eligible players include those aged 16 and older as of the registration close date of the league.

2) Match Play: Matches may be played in any order at the time and location that is convenient to both players, but must be completed and scores entered before the end of the season.

The league uses a 10-point match tiebreak (first to 10 points by 2) in lieu of a 3rd set UNLESS both players agree prior to the match start that they will play out the 3rd set.

The designated home player is responsible for providing a can of balls for the match. Both players should share the cost of the court, unless one of the players wants to play at a private club with greater cost than a public facility. You are encouraged to use indoor courts when needed to complete your matches, but should share the cost unless an outdoor court is available or weather permits on the day of the match.

3) Scoring: The home player should enter the scores, though either player is able to enter scores and correct an error within 6 days of entering. (More than 6 days, the league coordinator is the only one able to correct a score.) Disputes or corrections must be emailed to the organizer BEFORE the close of the season. Play is self-regulated and disputes may be resolved by consulting the Code for Unofficiated Matches (Friend at Court) guide.

If the match is not able to be completed due to weather or other non-injury retirement, use “timed match” when entering the scores. Defaults should not be entered before the end of the season or the opponent has TWICE cancelled an agreed upon match date. Injuries during a match are entered as retirements when scoring.

Final standings are determined by the number of matches won, then by the number of sets won, and finally head-to-head. The organizer may determine that a player did not play enough matches to qualify to be considered in the standings. Leagues with multiple levels of the same flight may use a single elimination playoff to determine the flight champion and finalist.

4) Registration/Refunds/Transfers: Players may compete in more than one level (flight) in a season IF they are confident they will be able to complete all the matches in each level. Refunds may be obtained (less any processing fees) prior to the close of registration. If a flight is not able to be scheduled, the organizer will automatically transfer the registration to the next season and the player may elect to withdraw her or his registration at any time prior to the close of registration for this next season.

5) Waiver of Claims: Players participating in the Fort Worth|Cowtown Flex League acknowledge the risks associated with playing tennis, accept those risks voluntarily and by registering in the program assume all risks for injury and waive all claims for injury and property damage, releasing and holding harmless the Fort Worth|Cowtown Flex organizers and the playing facility and their employees for any injury or loss caused by negligence or otherwise to the full extent as allowed by law.

Last update: 11/21/16

Only the home player is able to enter scores . . .

  1. Select SCHEDULED MATCHES from top navigation menu (AFTER logging in, of course)
  2. From the COMPETITIONS/PROGRAMS window, select "Contact list" of opponents
  3. From same window, select "List of Matches" and enter scores
Last update: 07/01/17

Frequently Asked Questions & Tips for Playing Flex League

How do I find my schedule and schedule the matches: On the Flex League site you will need to be logged in. Once you are on your player profile page, at the top of the page you will see Scheduled Matches. Click on this tab and you will see your matches listed in order by week. This is a suggested schedule to help you plan your matches. They are all listed by week starting on Friday. You can contact your opponents whether you are the home or away team. Once you schedule your home matches you can click on the plus sign to change the match date. The away matches have to be entered by the opponent.

How do I find the contact list and email the opponents: Go to your profile page. You will see the competitions/ programs you are registered for. Click on the league you want to contact. This will take you to the standings page. At the top you will see a tab third from the left that says Contact List. This will give you the individual contact information for the players in your league. You can also click on Send Email and select the individual player. If you do this however you will not have a record of when the email was sent or who you sent it to, so I recommend emailing from your personal email program or app.

Suggestions for scheduling matches: Be sure to fill out your Player Availability on your Profile and keep it current throughout the season. This lets your opponents know when you prefer to play but please be prepared with a variety of times that you can play.

Contact all of your opponents early in the season to get a match date on your calendars, regardless whether you are home or away player. Don't wait for them to contact you and don't wait until the week of your match.

Use the Comment Box in Player Availability to give your opponents added information such as dates you'll be out of town, best playing days/times, alternate facilities, directions, etc. If you're using a court for the first time, check it out in advance for availability, lights, parking, fees, water, and rest room and alert your opponent.

How to post a score: Go to your player page. Click on Scheduled Matches at the top of the page. This will show you your list of scheduled matches. To the right side of each match you will see Record Result. That is where you post your scores.

ANY QUESTIONS OR CONCERNS not answered here, contact your League Organizer, Kathleen Johnson at

Last update: 03/17/17

REGISTER NOW for "Cowtown Flex." Any problems registering OR with payment, please contact Kathleen Johnson at

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