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Welcome to Meadow Tennis, where we offer year-round tennis programs for all ages from beginner to advanced players.

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Questions? Please contact Head Tennis Pro, Gavin Havrilenko. Thanks and we look forward to seeing you on the courts!

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We believe all members should have the opportunity to play this wonderful sport of a lifetime. We stress the importance of always trying your best, being a great sport, and most importantly HAVING FUN! We provide year-round group and private instruction to juniors of all ages and abilities. For players ready for and interested in competitive play, we participate in a variety of local leagues and tournaments.

Welcome to SUMMER Junior Tennis at MEADOW! Below you will find our summer tennis schedule, a de[[script]]ion of our different clinic offerings, a fee schedule, and staffing information. We took your feedback (via the survey we conducted last summer) and have made some exciting changes to our program. Read on (please!):

Morning Clinics (Monday - Friday): June 12th - August 4th


Tennis 11:30-12:15

Swim 12:45-1:30


Tennis 10:30-11:30

Swim 12:00-12:45


Tennis 9:30-10:30

Swim 11:15-12:00


Tennis 9:30-10:30

Swim 8:00-9:00


Tennis 8:30-9:30

Swim 10:00-11:15

Afternoon Clinics: June 12th - August 4th

Performance: 1:00-2:30 M/W/F

Performance Prep: 2:30-4:00 M/W/F

(invitation only; see below for more detail)

Clinic De[[script]]ions:

Morning clinics are designed for players who are new/new-ish to tennis. We will use smaller courts and nets for the youngest players. As players progress and/or for the older "newbies," we will use the full court but slower bouncing balls, allowing our kids to have an easier time learning the fundamentals of the game. Clinics will be structured around a weekly "theme" - ground strokes, serving, volleying, etc. We will focus on developing proper technique and weave in fun, interactive games. Players will learn to rally and play points.

Performance Prep Clinics are for juniors who are approaching match play. They can hit every shot with some consistency. They can maintain a rally and serve. They are willing to learn and are interested in developing into a tournament player. These kids are very interested in tennis and take the game seriously.

Performance Clinics are for intermediate/advanced match players. They play high school tennis and or participate regularly in USPTA tournaments.

The performance/performance prep drills are designed to teach players how to construct points using spin, pace and placement. There will be a focus on strategy, tactics and match play. More detail on match play for performance prep and performance players is coming soon.

** Please note: players should participate in only 1 of these 3 clinic options. In order to keep the number of kids on each court down and ensure that kids are playing with their others at their level, we should NOT have kids attending both the morning clinics and performance prep clinics. **

Clinic Staffing:

Morning clinics will be staffed by certified professionals, Gavin Havrilenko (full-time), Ashlie Miller (part-time) and Paul Loscavio (full-time). Performance and Performance Prep Clinics will be taught by certified tennis professionals, Gavin Havrilenko and Alex Green.

A great team of junior coaches will be supporting our professionals Zoe Bommarito (UCSB), Grant Havrilenko, Alexander Kuncynski, John Sanli and Spencer Lang.

Bios for our pros can be found on the Meadow Web site (tennis section).


5/6 Year Olds:

* Summer Pass (before 5/1) $500; (after 5/1) $550 (10% sibling discount)

* 20 Day Flex Pass (before 5/1) $275; (after 5/1) $325

* Pay by the Week: $95 per week

Ages 7 and Up Morning Clinics:

* Summer Pass (before 5/1) $625; (after 5/1) $675 (10% sibling discount)

* 20 Day Flex Pass (before 5/1) $325; (after 5/1) $375

* Pay by the week: $120 per week

Performance/Performance Prep:

* Summer Pass (before 5/1) $625; (after 5/1) $675

* 12 Day Flex Pass $325

Summer pass includes eight weeks of professional instruction with 6:1 child:coach ratio, match play, socials and team shirt.



Gavin Havrilenko, Tennis Director/Head Pro -

Emily Waterbury, Jr Tennis Chair

Last update: 06/08/17

To reserve a court use the "COURTS" button in the green navigation bar, up top, or click here.

To reserve a court, you must be signed into your topdog account. Once the calendar opens, click on the time slot for the court you wish to reserve. When you enter the names of the players, they must be Meadow Members. You can type in the first few letters of their first or last name and it will auto-complete the rest of their name. If you are bringing a guest, please follow our guest policy. There is a member named "Guest" that you can use for court reservations.

Last update: 09/14/16

We offer an exciting adult tennis program at Meadow for all ages and abilities. We strive for the perfect combination of good sport with good social vibes. Come join us!


Your clinic level is determined by your USTA rating.

  • 3.5's Clinic: Monday and/or Thursday, 8:30-10:00
  • 2.5-3.0's Clinic: Monday and/or Thursday, 10:00-11:30, and Friday, 9:30-10:30
  • Rookie's (Beginners) Clinic: Tuesday, 9:30-10:30

To reserve your spot for the beginner clinic, please contact Gavin. For the other team clinics, please sign up by clicking HERE.

Please contact our pros directly if you wish to schedule a private lesson.


We offer year-round fun, competitive teams for the ladies. Current ladies' teams are:

  • BALL B2: daytime league, 5 lines of doubles, from September through March
  • FALL B2: daytime league, 5 lines of doubles, from September through November
  • USTA 6.5 Combo: nights and weekends, 3 lines of doubles, from September through December
  • USTA 5.5 Combo: daytime, 3 lines of doubles, from September through December

Please contact Gavin for information on how to join a team. He will put you in touch with the appropriate captain.

Thanks and we look forward to seeing you on the courts!

Last update: 09/16/16

Meadow offers a wide variety of tennis for our Men - team clinics, drop in play and league. Come join us on the courts to have some fun and work up a sweat! Here's our current men's schedule:

EVERY MONDAY: Drop in play on upper courts, starting at 7p.

USTA 6.5 COMBO: Evenings and weekends, 3 lines of doubles from September through December. Team clinic on Tuesdays from 6p - 7p.

USTA 7.5 COMBO: Evenings and weekends, 3 lines of doubles from September through December. Team clinic on Thursdays from 6p - 7p.

To join a Men's Team or Clinic, please contact Gavin so that he can put you in contact with the appropriate captain. To book a private lesson, please contact the pros directly. Thanks and we look forward to seeing you on the courts!

Last update: 09/14/16

·Guests must be accompanied by a member and the number of guests must be marked in the appropriate
column on the sign-in sheet.

·The number of guests on a court is not to exceed the number of members on that court.

·The guest charge is $10.00/guest any day. The guest charge is billed to the member whose name appears
on the sign-in sheet. Guest fees may be deposited by a member into the Guest Fee Box on Court #1.

·A non-member resident of the Bay Area may be a guest: October 1 through April 30 once per week; and
May 1 through September 30 once per month

·Members may contact the Tennis Chairperson and request playing privileges for out-of-area guests for a
period not to exceed two weeks and at a rate of $26.00 per week.

·Your cooperation in abiding by the above rules will be appreciated by the entire membership of Meadow
Swim & Tennis Club. Your courtesy and fairness in dealing with court usage situations is greatly


Last update: 09/15/16

2018 CCSL Women's B2

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2018 Contra Costa Spring League

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Players: 21

2017 BALL B-2

09/03/17 - 04/20/18

2017 BALL League

Teams: 1
Players: 27

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