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League Players,

Thank you once again to all of you for participating in our intraclub leagues. It has been a pleasure getting to know you and how you prefer your league to function. I have listed below the dates that the league season will be running, as well as dates that we will not be running the leagues.

Winter 1 Season Ends - Week of January 22 - 25

Winter 2 League season will begin the week of February 5th.

Sunday leagues will be completed on the 21st of January due to the Dow Tennis Classic.

Please let me know if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

See you on the courts,

Michael Rose

Director of Adult Tennis

Greater Midland Tennis Center

Last update: 01/13/18

Winter 2 Co-Ed Random Doubles Wednesday 3.0-3.25.

02/07/18-04/04/18 Playing

Winter 2 Men's Combo Doubles B Block.

02/07/18-03/07/18 Playing

Winter 2 Men's Combo Singles B Block

02/07/18-03/07/18 Playing

Winter 2 Womens Combo Doubles

02/05/18-04/02/18 Playing

Winter 2 Womens Combo Singles

02/05/18-04/02/18 Playing

Men's Combo Wed. Fall '17

09/13/17-11/15/17 Finished

Spring 2017 Wednesday Men's A/B Combined

04/12/17-06/14/17 Finished

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