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Due to theDelta variant of the coronavirus the USPTA Jr Circuit is folowing the participating USPTA Jr Circuit club guidelines concerning the holding of events. Please check on each club site for any guidelines while attending that club.

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John Sharpe

Last update: 07/29/21

USPTA Success Story

A little over 11 years ago I had an endearing group of five year olds, who for sure were potential stars in tennis. Unfortunately, most of the group moved away but one determined player remained Madison Weekley. She enjoyed tennis so her parents decided to continue with private lessons. Luckily, the Weekleys’ have access to their private community courts and a NorCal legend was started. At age seven she told me she wanted to play tennis as her sport. She went further and stated she wanted to play tennis in college and play professional tennis. So I prepared a step by step ‘game plan’ for her to accomplish her goals. First was to establish a solid training schedule, so we started, maintained and presently continuing three ninety minute private lessons every week. Each planned step was accomplished and she improved at the fastest rate possible. At age seven she started playing the USPTA NorCal Junior tournaments G12s and was winning matches. By age 9 she won her first tourney and qualified for the USPTA NorCal Tournament of Champions on St.MaryCollege courts. Both parents are alumni of St. Marys which added even more to the pressure. She lost but promised to return the next year and win the championship. Sure enough at age ten Madison returned to St. Marys courts and became one of the youngest players to ever win the USPTA Tournament of Champions G12s. For last four years Madison has been inside Top Ten in NorCal. Achieving Top Ten National by age 14 and established herself as one of America’s top juniors. Some outstanding moments; achieving QuarterFinals of 2019 Easter Bowl and making one of the greatest comebacks in The International Orange Bowl’s history. Down 1-6, 1-5. love-40 and facing three match points against a top Canadian Junior Madison fought back to win 6-2 in the third. Being one of the top juniors in the USA attracts a lot of attention from Division One college tennis programs. Madison is currently only a junior and sixteen but receiving daily offers from outstanding college programs. She has accepted and committed to a full ride tennis scholarship to the very home of her first big tournament championship St. Mary’s College in Moraga, California. St. Mary’s is a NCAA D1 outstanding program with a strong schedule providing a wonderful college experience and perfect opportunity for her to qualify for the WTA Tour. I am sure my thirty year USPTA membership, education, and association had tremendous influence on Madison’s success. I am also sure Madison’s wonderful experience of winning her first big tourney the USPTA Tournament of Champions on now her home courts influenced her wise college choice of St. Marys.

Brett Stephenson

USPTA Elite Professional

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Last update: 03/10/21

The USPTA Jr Circuit was founded in 1987 as a local one weekend junior novice tournament circuit for juniors new to tournaments. No junior ranked or who has been ranked in the top 60 of USTA NorCal is eligible for our circuit. Juniors can test out this tournament scene, and as they improve can move up to the higher level USTA NorCal competition. The circuit is the only one in NorCal that allows coaching during the match play.

Our goal is for juniors to learn how to play matches, learn the rules of tennis, and to exhibit good sportsmanship while doing so. We also encourage good parent behavior during and after match play. Please take time to read the circuit rules , circuit coaching protocols, and circuit parent behavior guidelines.

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Last update: 02/25/19

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Last update: 09/02/21

#4 USPTA Jr Circuit Roundhill CC

11/12/21-11/14/21 Event is closed!

#5 USPTA Jr Circuit Diablo CC

02/25/22-02/27/22 Upcoming

#6 USPTA Jr Circuit Lafayette TC

03/18/22-03/20/22 Upcoming

#7 USPTA Jr Circuit Crow Canyon CC

04/15/22-04/17/22 Upcoming

#8 USPTA Jr Circuit Blackhawk CC

05/13/22-05/15/22 Upcoming

#9 USPTA Jr Circuit Tournament of Champions

06/04/22-06/05/22 Upcoming

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