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Tennis in Coppell provides "competitions" (leagues) five seasons of the year: Winter (Jan-Feb), Spring (Mar-May), Summer (June-Jul), Fall (Sep-Oct), Holiday (Nov-Dec).. Competitions offered include men's singles, ladies doubles, mixed doubles and rotation doubles. Competions consist of seven weekly matches. Competition fees of $40 for singles and $30 for doubles include court time & tennis balls.

Rotation doubles is the most popular competition and does not require a player to have a partner. Players are ranked 1-n for the first match of the competition with players being assigned to courts in the order of ranking. Each one set with each off the other three players on the court - earning one point for each game one. The top two scorers on each court move up one court while the lowest two scorers move down one court for the next week.

For more information about Tennis in Coppell contact one of our officers or coordinators listed on the left of the Home Club page.

Player Profile

Your player profile Summary page is displayed when first logging in to TopDogTennis.com or when selecting My Profile from the primary menu bar. News articles, if any, are displayed at the top right. Look for new postings any time you log in. Most information about you, your participation and actions you can perform are accessible from this page.

Personal and club information is displayed on the left including a personal picture (upload one!), your contact information, a summary of your doubles & singles results for the calendar year and links to send emails to club officers and league coordinators. Select Edit to update your profile information including a personal picture, contact information and general preferences.

Competitions (leagues, ladders & events) you signed up for are listed in the center below the News section. Select a competition to access detail information and actions for it. The current Standings are displayed along with a secondary menu bar of actions including Send Email to mulitiple players or substitutes, Schedule listing detail schedule of matches and results and Enter Scores to enter or change match scores. Entering your scores automatically records scores for your partner and/or opponent(s) so only one person needs to record match scores.

Completed Matches displays in the right column with scores of recent matches you have played in your competitions. Below Competions"and Completed Matches sections, a Calendar of your scheduled matches, a Summary by calendar year and an Events section are displayed.

The secondary menu bar on your profile page provides direct access to the detaill information shown on your profile Summary page.

Another players profile page can be accessed by clicking on their name or by entering their name in the Search box on the primary menu bar. You can email or text players from this their profile page. A player can be sent an email even they chose the profile option to not display their email address (thus protecting privacy). Players can not be caledl or sent a text if they chose the profile option not to display their cell phone number.

Sign Up for Competition (League, Ladder, Event)

Select the "Signup" icon in the first News item on your Profile page or navigate to the Home Club page using the primary menu bar or selecting "Tennis in Coppell" on the upper left of all pages. All new or active competititions are listed in the Competitions section below the News section. New competitions available for sign up or currently playing are listed alphabetically. Select the red "Signup" button on the right of the league to be signed up for. Select "Continue" button on the next page to sign up by adding the league competition to your shopping Cart. From the Cart page, either select Register for more events or Checkout. I'm done buttons.

For fixed doubles leagues, the first team player to signup is required to sign up their partner. The partner must then pay by signing up for the active "PARTNER ONLY PAYMENT" league. This special league can also be used for doubles players signed up by the league coordinator or league administrator to make their onliine payment..

View Schedule & Record Scores

View your scheduled matches on the calendar of your profile page or selecting the "Scheduled Matches" from the menu.. A complete league schedule can viewed by selecting "All League Matches" under the league name in the "Competitions / Programs" section.

Enter match scores by selecting "Completed Matches" from your profile page menu and then selecting "Change" to the right of the match a score is to be entered or corrected. The actual date of a rescheduled match and/or the corrected player name may be changed. The first player to record scores for a match will have recorded the scores for all players/teams. It's recommended at least two people agree to record scores to ensure they are entered timely and accurately.

Rotation league schedules have three separate entries representing each set of a match (i.e., 7:00 pm, 7:30 pm, 8:00 pm). you do not have to play each scheduled set with the specific partner and oppenents shown; however, when recording scores be careful to record the correct score for the partner/oppenents displayed. Alternatively, you can change the player/opponents to reflect the actual partner/opponents that played at the scheduled time shown. Even if a substitute plays, scores should be entered showing the signed up league player.

Email or Text players and/or substitutes

Individual league players can be sent an email and/or text by selecting the league from your My Profile or the Home Club page and then selecting Send Email from the secondary menu bar. Players and substitutes are listed alphabetically with substitutes having “(sub)” appended to their name . Individual players or substitutes can be sent an email and/or text by unchecking the “Check/Uncheck” box and then checking the "Email" and/or "Text" box for each person to be emailed as shown below ...

Email Officers & Coordinators

Officers can be emailed by selecting Home Club and clicking on their name at the top of the page. League coordinators will always be either a player or substitute in their leagues so you can email them as described in the previous section.

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