Self Rating Form:


  • Fill out this form if you are: (A) Not in the TopDog database or (B) Your rating has expired.
  • This form should be filled out by the player who is requesting to be added to the SATA database or is requesting a rating change.
  • SATA's rating system is to the tenth, so you can rate yourself 3.1, 3.3, 3.5, etc. Choose the rating that best reflects your playing level and is closest to your USTA rating.
  • All new ratings must be within .30 of an established USTA rating.
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(B) Fill out this portion if your rating has expired (2 years or older):
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  • For questions regarding completion of this form, call Chris Modin at 916-933-0175.
  • Self-rates take up to five days to process and can occur quickly if ALL requested information is provided.
  • As soon as self-rates are processed, players are notified via email or telephone that they have been added to the TopDog database and can be placed on rosters.