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Status Week of Home Team Visiting Team Site Court Blank
Confirmed Apr 2 03:00pmArrowSmithTai-breakers-Gunston 2,3-2(4,39)2(5,47)
Confirmed Apr 2 03:00pmGoldfingerWegoe-VA High 1,2-31
Confirmed Apr 2 03:00pmArrowSmithTermiNETers-VA High 1,2-31
Confirmed Apr 2 03:00pmIf you want Soft Serve, go to Dairy QueenTeam with Benefits-Walter Reed 2,3-13
Confirmed Apr 9 03:00pmIf you want Soft Serve, go to Dairy QueenTermiNETers-Quincy 3,4-31
Confirmed Apr 9 03:00pmGoldfingerTai-breakers-VA High 1,2-04
Confirmed Apr 9 03:00pmWegoeTeam with Benefits-Yorktown 1,2-04
Confirmed Apr 23 03:00pmTeam with BenefitsTai-breakers-Marcey 1,3-2(4,36)2(5,38)
Confirmed Apr 23 03:00pmGoldfingerArrowSmith-Quincy 3,4-13
Confirmed Apr 23 03:00pmWegoeTermiNETers-VA High 1,2-31
Confirmed Apr 30 03:00pmTeam with BenefitsArrowSmith-Gunston 2,3-13
Confirmed Apr 30 03:00pmTai-breakersTermiNETers-Quincy 1,2-40
Confirmed Apr 30 03:00pmWegoeIf you want Soft Serve, go to Dairy Queen-VA High 5,6-31
Confirmed May 7 03:00pmGoldfingerTeam with Benefits-TJ 3,4-2(4,36)2(6,45)
Confirmed May 7 03:00pmIf you want Soft Serve, go to Dairy QueenTai-breakers-VA High 1,2-2(4,38)2(4,37)
Confirmed May 7 03:00pmTermiNETersArrowSmith-VA High 5,6-04
Confirmed May 14 1:00pmArrowSmithIf you want Soft Serve, go to Dairy Queen-Yorktown 1,2-2(5,45)2(6,45)
Confirmed May 20 10:00amTermiNETersGoldfinger-Kenmore 2,3-13
Confirmed May 20 10:00amTai-breakersWegoe-VA High 1,2-40
Confirmed May 21 03:00pmArrowSmithWegoe-Marcey 1,3-40
Confirmed May 21 03:00pmTermiNETersTeam with Benefits-TJ 3,4-04
Confirmed May 21 03:00pmIf you want Soft Serve, go to Dairy QueenGoldfinger-Towers 2,3-04
Confirmed Jun 4 03:00pmWegoeGoldfinger-Marcey 1,3-2(4,35)2(4,32)
Confirmed Jun 4 03:00pmTeam with BenefitsIf you want Soft Serve, go to Dairy Queen-Walter Reed 2,3-13
Confirmed Jun 4 03:00pmTai-breakersArrowSmith-Yorktown 1,2-13
Confirmed Jun 11 03:00pmTai-breakersGoldfinger-Kenmore 2,3-31
Scheduled 06/11/17 03:00pmTermiNETersIf you want Soft Serve, go to Dairy Queen-Quincy 1,2Print Blank score card!--
Confirmed Jun 11 03:00pmTeam with BenefitsWegoe-VA High 1,2-13
Confirmed Jun 17 10:00am
ArrowSmithGoldfinger-Yorktown 1,2,3-23
Confirmed Jun 17 10:00am
Tai-breakersTeam with Benefits-Yorktown 4,5,6-32
Confirmed Jun 18 3:00pm
Tai-breakersGoldfinger-Towers 1,2,3-23
Total Matches: 1
Byes: 0

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