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Entered 08/22/18 07:00pmHollytree Country Club-RUH ROH (Loving)Tyler Athletic and Swim Club (Peacock/Dunn)--3/5-1(2,18)1(2,17)
Entered 08/22/18 07:00pmHolly Lake Ranch-Holly Lakers (Newill)Hollytree Country Club- (Wilcox)--0/8-02
Entered 08/22/18 07:00pmFaulkner Park-Tyer-Super Shots (Huskey)Longview High School (Mickleboro/Wilcox)--0/8-02
Entered 08/29/18 07:00pmFaulkner Park-Tyer-Super Shots (Huskey)Hollytree Country Club- (Wilcox)--8/0-20
Entered 08/29/18 07:00pmLongview High School (Mickleboro/Wilcox)Tyler Athletic and Swim Club (Peacock/Dunn)--8/0-20
Entered 08/29/18 07:00pmHollytree Country Club-RUH ROH (Loving)Second Stingers--3/5-1(2,17)1(3,23)
Entered 09/05/18 07:00pmFaulkner Park-Tyer-Super Shots (Huskey)Holly Lake Ranch-Holly Lakers (Newill)--8/0-20
Confirmed 09/05/18 07:00pmTyler Athletic and Swim Club (Peacock/Dunn)Hollytree Country Club- (Wilcox)--3/5-1(3,18)1(2,17)
Confirmed 09/05/18 07:00pmLongview High School (Mickleboro/Wilcox)Second Stingers--5/3-1(2,15)1(3,22)
Confirmed 09/12/18 07:00pmHollytree Country Club- (Wilcox)Second Stingers--5/3-1(2,16)1(2,22)
Confirmed 09/19/18 07:00pmSecond StingersHolly Lake Ranch-Holly Lakers (Newill)--8/0-20
Confirmed 09/19/18 07:00pmHollytree Country Club- (Wilcox)Hollytree Country Club-RUH ROH (Loving)--5/3-1(2,12)1(2,18)
Confirmed 09/20/18 07:00pmTyler Athletic and Swim Club (Peacock/Dunn)Holly Lake Ranch-Holly Lakers (Newill)--3/5-1(2,19)1(2,19)
Entered 09/26/18 07:00pmHolly Lake Ranch-Holly Lakers (Newill)Hollytree Country Club-RUH ROH (Loving)--8/0-20
Entered 09/26/18 07:00pmHollytree Country Club- (Wilcox)Longview High School (Mickleboro/Wilcox)--3/5-1(2,16)1(2,12)
Entered 09/26/18 07:00pmSecond StingersFaulkner Park-Tyer-Super Shots (Huskey)--5/3-1(2,16)1(3,19)
Entered 10/03/18 07:00pmSecond StingersTyler Athletic and Swim Club (Peacock/Dunn)--8/0-20
Entered 10/03/18 07:00pmHolly Lake Ranch-Holly Lakers (Newill)Longview High School (Mickleboro/Wilcox)--0/8-02
Entered 10/03/18 07:00pmHollytree Country Club-RUH ROH (Loving)Faulkner Park-Tyer-Super Shots (Huskey)--0/8-02
Entered 10/10/18 07:00pmHollytree Country Club- (Wilcox)Holly Lake Ranch-Holly Lakers (Newill)--8/0-20
Entered 10/10/18 07:00pmTyler Athletic and Swim Club (Peacock/Dunn)Hollytree Country Club-RUH ROH (Loving)--3/5-1(3,22)1(2,12)
Entered 10/10/18 07:00pmLongview High School (Mickleboro/Wilcox)Faulkner Park-Tyer-Super Shots (Huskey)--5/3-1(2,14)1(3,20)
Entered 10/17/18 07:00pmSecond StingersHollytree Country Club-RUH ROH (Loving)--8/0-20
Entered 10/17/18 07:00pmHollytree Country Club- (Wilcox)Faulkner Park-Tyer-Super Shots (Huskey)--3/5-1(3,23)1(2,22)
Entered 10/30/18 07:00pmSecond StingersHollytree Country Club- (Wilcox)--8/0-20
Entered 10/30/18 07:00pmHolly Lake Ranch-Holly Lakers (Newill)Tyler Athletic and Swim Club (Peacock/Dunn)--0/8-02
Entered 10/30/18 07:00pmHollytree Country Club-RUH ROH (Loving)Longview High School (Mickleboro/Wilcox)--0/8-02
Entered 11/05/18 07:00pmTyler Athletic and Swim Club (Peacock/Dunn)Faulkner Park-Tyer-Super Shots (Huskey)--5/3-1(2,17)1(2,22)
Confirmed 11/07/18 07:00pmFaulkner Park-Tyer-Super Shots (Huskey)Tyler Athletic and Swim Club (Peacock/Dunn)--8/0-20
Confirmed 11/14/18 07:00pmLongview High School (Mickleboro/Wilcox)Hollytree Country Club- (Wilcox)--8/-4-20
Entered 11/14/18 07:00pmFaulkner Park-Tyer-Super Shots (Huskey)Second Stingers--5/3-1(3,22)1(2,15)
Scheduled 11/14/18 07:00pmHollytree Country Club-RUH ROH (Loving)Holly Lake Ranch-Holly Lakers (Newill)--0/0Print Blank score card!--
Entered 11/20/18 07:00pmFaulkner Park-Tyer-Super Shots (Huskey)Hollytree Country Club-RUH ROH (Loving)--8/0-20
Entered 11/21/18 07:00pmLongview High School (Mickleboro/Wilcox)Holly Lake Ranch-Holly Lakers (Newill)--5/3-1(2,17)1(2,15)
Confirmed 11/21/18 07:00pmTyler Athletic and Swim Club (Peacock/Dunn)Second Stingers--0/8-02
Entered 11/28/18 07:00pmLongview High School (Mickleboro/Wilcox)Hollytree Country Club-RUH ROH (Loving)--8/0-20
Entered 11/28/18 07:00pmHolly Lake Ranch-Holly Lakers (Newill)Second Stingers--3/5-1(2,16)1(2,12)
Entered 12/05/18 07:00pmHollytree Country Club- (Wilcox)Tyler Athletic and Swim Club (Peacock/Dunn)--8/0-20
Entered 12/05/18 07:00pmHolly Lake Ranch-Holly Lakers (Newill)Faulkner Park-Tyer-Super Shots (Huskey)--0/8-02
Entered 12/05/18 07:00pmSecond StingersLongview High School (Mickleboro/Wilcox)--0/8-02
Confirmed 12/12/18 07:00pmTyler Athletic and Swim Club (Peacock/Dunn)Longview High School (Mickleboro/Wilcox)--0/8-02
Scheduled 12/12/18 07:00pmHollytree Country Club-RUH ROH (Loving)Hollytree Country Club- (Wilcox)--0/0Print Blank score card!--
Total Matches: 42
Byes: 0

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