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ACTA Summer 2019 B Division

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Status Week of Home Team Visiting Team Site Court Blank
Confirmed Jul 16 07:00pmTennis the MenaceFickle Forehand-Towers 1,2-2(4,32)2(6,41)
Confirmed Jul 16 07:00pmAce InvadersTeam ServeAces-VA Highlands 1,2-2(4,34)2(6,37)
Confirmed Jul 16 07:00pmForever YoungVolley Ranchers-VA Highlands 3,4-2(4,39)2(5,33)
Confirmed Jul 18 07:00pmVolley RanchersAce Invaders-Towers 1,2-13
Confirmed Jul 18 07:00pmForever YoungTennis the Menace-VA Highlands 1,2-04
Confirmed Jul 18 07:00pmTeam ServeAcesFickle Forehand-VA Highlands 3,4-2(3,30)2(5,37)
Confirmed Jul 25 07:00pmVolley RanchersTennis the Menace-Towers 1,2-13
Confirmed Jul 25 07:00pmFickle ForehandAce Invaders-VA Highlands 1,2-31
Confirmed Jul 25 07:00pmTeam ServeAcesForever Young-VA Highlands 3,4-31
Confirmed Aug 1 07:00pmVolley RanchersTeam ServeAces-Towers 1,2-31
Confirmed Aug 1 07:00pmAce InvadersTennis the Menace-VA Highlands 1,2-04
Confirmed Aug 1 07:00pmFickle ForehandForever Young-VA Highlands 3,4-31
Confirmed Aug 8 07:00pmTennis the MenaceTeam ServeAces-Towers 1,2-13
Confirmed Aug 8 07:00pmFickle ForehandVolley Ranchers-VA Highlands 1,2-13
Confirmed Aug 8 07:00pmForever YoungAce Invaders-VA Highlands 3,4-31
Confirmed Aug 20 07:00pmVolley RanchersForever Young-Towers 1,2-40
Confirmed Aug 22 07:00pmTennis the MenaceForever Young-Towers 1,2-31
Confirmed Aug 22 07:00pmAce InvadersVolley Ranchers-VA Highlands 1,2-13
Confirmed Aug 22 07:00pmFickle ForehandTeam ServeAces-VA Highlands 3,4-2(5,42)2(4,36)
Confirmed Aug 27 07:00pmFickle ForehandTennis the Menace-VA Highlands 1,2-2(5,27)2(3,27)
Confirmed Aug 27 07:00pmTeam ServeAcesAce Invaders-VA Highlands 3,4-13
Confirmed Aug 29 07:00pmTennis the MenaceVolley Ranchers-Towers 1,2-2(6,39)2(3,31)
Confirmed Aug 29 07:00pmAce InvadersFickle Forehand-VA Highlands 1,2-13
Confirmed Aug 29 07:00pmForever YoungTeam ServeAces-VA Highlands 3,4-13
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