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Status Week of Home Team Visiting Team Site Court Blank
Confirmed 10/07/19 9:00PMBAD10sNet SnipersREN3-1(2,21)1(3,21)
Entered 10/12/19 8:00pmNet SnipersBAD10sREN3-20
Entered 10/14/19 9:00PMBAD10sNet SnipersREN3-1(2,18)1(2,18)
Entered 10/19/19 8:00pmNet SnipersBAD10sREN3-21
Entered 10/21/19 9:00PMBAD10sNet SnipersREN3-1(2,16)1(2,14)
Confirmed 10/26/19 8:00pmNet SnipersBAD10sREN3-20
Confirmed 10/28/19 9:00PMBAD10sNet SnipersREN3-01
Entered 11/02/19 8:00pmNet SnipersBAD10sREN3-10
Entered 11/04/19 9:00PMBAD10sNet SnipersREN3-02
Confirmed 11/09/19 8:00pmNet SnipersBAD10sREN3-01
Confirmed 11/11/19 9:00PMBAD10sNet SnipersREN3-00
Confirmed 11/16/19 8:00pmNet SnipersBAD10sREN3-21
Entered 11/18/19 9:00pmBAD10sNet SnipersREN3-10
Confirmed 11/23/19 8:00PMNet SnipersBAD10sREN3-02
Confirmed 11/25/19 9:00PMBAD10sNet SnipersREN3-12
Confirmed 12/02/19 9:00PMNet SnipersBAD10sREN3-21
Confirmed 12/07/19 8:00PMBAD10sNet SnipersREN3-12
Confirmed 12/09/19 9:00pmNet SnipersBAD10sREN3-1(3,20)1(2,12)
Entered 12/14/19 8:00pmBAD10sNet SnipersREN3-1(2,14)1(2,16)
Entered 12/16/19 9:00pmNet SnipersBAD10sREN3-20
Entered 12/21/19 8:00PMBAD10sNet SnipersREN3-21
Entered 01/04/20 8:00PMNet SnipersBAD10sREN3-30
Entered 01/06/20 9:00PMBAD10sNet SnipersREN3-21
Confirmed 01/11/20 8:00PMNet SnipersBAD10sREN3-30
Entered 01/13/20 9:00PMBAD10sNet SnipersREN3-12
Confirmed 01/18/20 8:00PMNet SnipersBAD10sREN3-03
Confirmed 01/20/20 9:00PMBAD10sNet SnipersREN3-12
Entered 01/25/20 8:00PMNet SnipersBAD10sREN3-12
Entered 01/27/20 9:00PMBAD10sNet SnipersREN3-1(2,19)1(2,18)
Confirmed 02/01/20 8:00PMNet SnipersBAD10sREN3-20
Entered 02/03/20 9:00PMBAD10sNet SnipersREN3-12
Confirmed 02/08/20 8:00PMNet SnipersBAD10sREN3-30
Entered 02/10/20 9:00PMBAD10sNet SnipersREN3-12
Entered 02/15/20 8:00PMNet SnipersBAD10sREN3-21
Entered 02/17/20 9:00PMBAD10sNet SnipersREN3-03
Entered 02/22/20 8:00PMNet SnipersBAD10sREN3-12
Confirmed 02/24/20 9:00PMBAD10sNet SnipersREN3-1(2,19)1(2,19)
Entered 02/29/20 8:00PMNet SnipersBAD10sREN3-02
Entered 03/02/20 9:00PMBAD10sNet SnipersREN3-21
Entered 03/07/20 8:00PMNet SnipersBAD10sREN3-12
Entered 03/09/20 9:00PMBAD10sNet SnipersREN3-20
Entered 03/14/20 8:00PMNet SnipersBAD10sREN3-12
Entered 03/16/20 9:00PMBAD10sNet SnipersREN3-10
Confirmed 03/21/20 8:00PMNet SnipersBAD10sREN3-1(2,26)1(3,25)
Confirmed 03/23/20 9:00PMBAD10sNet SnipersREN3-1(2,19)1(3,26)
Scheduled 03/28/20 8:00PMNet SnipersBAD10sREN3Print Blank score card!--
Scheduled 03/30/20 9:00PMBAD10sNet SnipersREN3Print Blank score card!--
Scheduled 04/04/20 8:00PMNet SnipersBAD10sREN3Print Blank score card!--
Total Matches: 48
Byes: 0

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