Namita Amin

Team Division Season Position Singles Doubles Wins Losses Sets Won Sets Lost Games Won Games Lost Reg/
Mad Dogs ReturnACTA Spring 2022 B Division04/03/22-0624483563RMar 23 2022 6:26PM
MDEACTA Fall 2021 B Division09/11/21-0642846559RSep 4 2021 7:20PM
Mad Dogs & EnglishwomanBC Division04/02/17-0541825234RMar 27 2017 6:44PM
Mad Dogs and EnglishwomanC Division09/10/16-0330603717RAug 26 2016 2:04PM
Mad Dogs and EnglishwomanC Division09/12/15-07611227851RAug 4 2015 8:42PM
Mad Dogs and EnglishwomanC Division03/29/15-08711429559RMar 11 2015 7:00PM
Mad Dogs and EnglishwomanC Division09/06/14-0330603712RAug 19 2014 5:41PM

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