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Archived Events
Event Type Register Season
Fall Women's Random In-house event Playing09/11/18-11/06/18
Fall 2018 Women's Singles FLEX League In-house event Playing09/10/18-12/23/18
Men's Open Singles In-house event Playing09/10/18-12/17/18
Womens Combo Doubles Fall 2018 In-house event Playing09/10/18-11/05/18
Womens Combo Singles Fall 2018 In-house event Playing09/10/18-11/05/18
Fall 2018 Men's Singles Permanent Court League In-house event Playing09/06/18-11/29/18
Fall Co-Ed Random Doubles Wednesday 3.0-3.25 In-house event Playing09/05/18-11/07/18

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