East Texas Singles Championships

East Texas Singles Championships Saturday Sept. 7 This is a one day only tournament unless weather requires us to complete the event on Sunday Sept. 8th. Everyone will be scheduled to play a minimum of 2 matches with all matches being played at Hollytree. Some junior consolation matches will be played on the clay. Each match will be an 8-game pro set using no ad scoring with a regular tie break at 7games all. Players are limited to one event. Adults must play by their 2013 early season (July) ratings. Champs and Supers Champ juniors are the only juniors permitted to play in the adult division and must play in the OPEN if playing adult. All juniors are permitted to play "up" an age division if they wish. The tournament will begin at 9am on Saturday and everyone will play a minimum of two matches and a maximum of 4 - all matches are 8-game pro sets (fist to win 8 games by 2) with a regular tie-break at 7games all. All matches will be no add scoring - get used to playing under pressure! REFUNDS cannot be given for drop outs past September 1, 2012. Awards will be given to all Champions & Finalists!

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