Men's 2018 Open Fall Flex Tournament


Entry fee for this tournament is $30 to paypal. If you don't have paypal I also accept cash, check and Venmo. You can contact me for info on those. Registration ends 10/8!

Grand prize for tourney winner will be $200 for this tourney (if I get enough playersless than that if I have less). Finalist will receive $50. Winner of the consolation draw will receive a $25 Amazon gift card. A portion of the proceeds go to Animal Welfare League of Alexandria

This is a flex tourney....schedule your own match with your opponent. Play will start the week of Oct. 10th (a Wed.). No more than one match per week, if you keep winning. Best 2 out of 3 full sets. Outdoors is the default, unless both players agree to play indoors...but it is still best 2/3 sets no matter what. Please bring a can of balls to the match.

Scheduling can potentially be a challenge...please be as flexible as you can be with your opponent in terms of time and place. Please offer at least 3 dates and times and work it out with your opponent. Wakefield Park and Jefferson Park are centrally located. If you play in the evening you may want to make a reservation.

Most importantly, all standard USTA rules apply.

The posted rule on defaults is that if you cannot find a time to play your match (or if there is no communication from your end) you will be defaulted and your opponent will advance to the next round.

No cherry picking in terms of weather. If the wind is greater than 30 mph then you can reschedule. Otherwise, you must play your scheduled match. If you cancel with less than 24 hours notice you forfeit the match. Also, no refunds once the draw is set.

Should be a great tourney, and thank you for entering! If you have any questions please e-mail me at

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