The Original Evans AC Jr. Gran Prix / UTR @ Hollytree CC - Nov. 20

This Tournament will be played at Hollytree Country Club 6700 Hollytree Drive, Tyler

Tournament Director: Jim Sciarro

Draws & Times will be posted on this site by noon Thursday, Nov. 18. Click on the link representing the division you entered to find your draw & times. Everyone will be scheduled to play at least two matches throughout the day on Saturday. Some matches will begin as early as 9am and all matches should be complete by 4 pm.

Please check your confirmation email following registration to confirm you are entered in the appropriate division. You can also then confirm you are on the "entrants" listing shown under the "Entrants" link at the top of the tournament's homepage.


1. What age division can I compete in for 2021 Tournaments?

Divisions available are: 10 & UNDER, 12 & UNDER, 14 & UNDER, 18 & UNDER

i) 10s: Birthdates in 2010 until first day of the month of 11th birthday; all birthdates in 2010 and younger.

ii) 12s: Birthdates in 2008 until first day of the month of 13th birthday; all birthdates in 2008 and younger.

iii) 14s: Birthdates in 2006 until first day of the month of 15th birthday; all birthdates in 2006 and younger.

18s: Birthdates in 2002 until first day of the month of 19th birthday; all birthdates in 2002 and younger.

b) Boys are eligible only for Boy's divisions and girls are eligible only for Girls’ divisions. (12-18s)

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