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Women's Weekday Regular - 3.5-4

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Status Week of Home Team Visiting Team Site Court Blank
Confirmed Feb 23 09:00amDavis Tennis Club W3.50ACarmichael Park W3.50A-3-6000
Confirmed Feb 23 09:00amAuburn 3.5Rio 3.5 Weekday Reg.-1-3(7,54)3(7,63)00
Confirmed Feb 23 09:00amBroadstone W3.50AFolsom Park-2-2400
bye 02/23/11Arden Hills Country Club W3.50AByeBye----00
Confirmed Mar 9 09:00amFolsom ParkRio 3.5 Weekday Reg.-3-3(6,51)3(8,64)01
Confirmed Mar 9 09:00amDavis Tennis Club W3.50AArden Hills Country Club W3.50A-2-2400
Confirmed Mar 9 09:00amCarmichael Park W3.50AAuburn 3.5-1-0600
bye 03/09/11Broadstone W3.50AByeBye----00
bye 03/16/11Davis Tennis Club W3.50AByeBye----00
Confirmed Mar 23 09:00amAuburn 3.5Folsom Park-2-6006
Confirmed Mar 23 09:00amRio 3.5 Weekday Reg.Arden Hills Country Club W3.50A-3-6006
bye 03/23/11Carmichael Park W3.50AByeBye----00
Scheduled 03/23/11 09:00amDavis Tennis Club W3.50ABroadstone W3.50A-1Print Blank score card!--00
Confirmed Mar 30 09:00amRio 3.5 Weekday Reg.Davis Tennis Club W3.50A-1-5100
Confirmed Mar 30 09:00amAuburn 3.5Broadstone W3.50A-3-4200
Confirmed Mar 30 09:00amArden Hills Country Club W3.50ACarmichael Park W3.50A-2-3(6,55)3(7,66)00
bye 03/30/11Folsom ParkByeBye----00
Confirmed Apr 6 09:00amBroadstone W3.50ACarmichael Park W3.50A-3-5100
Confirmed Apr 6 09:00amArden Hills Country Club W3.50AFolsom Park-1-3(6,55)3(6,54)00
bye 04/06/11Auburn 3.5ByeBye----00
bye 04/06/11Davis Tennis Club W3.50AByeBye----00
bye 04/06/11Rio 3.5 Weekday Reg.ByeBye----00
Confirmed Apr 13 09:00amCarmichael Park W3.50ABroadstone W3.50A-3-5100
Confirmed Apr 13 09:00amRio 3.5 Weekday Reg.Auburn 3.5-3-3(7,72)3(9,78)00
Confirmed Apr 13 09:00amDavis Tennis Club W3.50AFolsom Park-3-2400
bye 04/13/11Arden Hills Country Club W3.50AByeBye----00
bye 04/13/11Broadstone W3.50AByeBye----00
bye 04/13/11Carmichael Park W3.50AByeBye----00
Confirmed Apr 14 09:00amFolsom ParkCarmichael Park W3.50A-1-6000
Confirmed Apr 20 09:00amBroadstone W3.50AArden Hills Country Club W3.50A-1-5100
Confirmed Apr 27 9:00amArden Hills Country Club W3.50ARio 3.5 Weekday Reg.---1510
Confirmed Apr 27 9:00amBroadstone W3.50AAuburn 3.5---1500
Confirmed Apr 27 9:00amCarmichael Park W3.50ADavis Tennis Club W3.50A---1500
bye 04/27/11Folsom ParkByeBye----00
Confirmed May 4 09:00amFolsom ParkArden Hills Country Club W3.50A-1-5100
Confirmed May 4 09:00amAuburn 3.5Davis Tennis Club W3.50A-2-4200
bye 05/04/11Rio 3.5 Weekday Reg.ByeBye----00
Confirmed May 4 09:00amRio 3.5 Weekday Reg.Broadstone W3.50A-2-4200
Confirmed May 11 09:00amFolsom ParkDavis Tennis Club W3.50A-3-2400
Confirmed May 11 09:00amCarmichael Park W3.50ARio 3.5 Weekday Reg.-2-1510
bye 05/11/11Auburn 3.5ByeBye----00
Confirmed May 11 09:00amArden Hills Country Club W3.50AAuburn 3.5-3-0600

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